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The Versatile Blogger Award

I woke up this morning to a very pleasant surprise: the lovely and talented Julie Glover nominated ME for The Versatile Blogger Award. Many thanks, Julie!

The Versatile Blogger Award

If you get the chance, I suggest you visit Julie’s Blog. Her musings are both entertaining and thought-provoking. I connected with Julie on Twitter and I quickly considered her one of my writing friends. She always has a kind word or a helpful answer. And we both hate the evil, green MS Word squiggles. Someday I will make her a button that says, “I heart sentence fragments” and we will wear them with pride.

Here are the rules for The Versatile Blogger Award:
1.       Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2.       Share seven random facts about yourself.
3.       Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
4.       Contact the winners to congratulate them.
Here we go. Seven random facts about me:
1. I have an unnatural fear of fish.

Salmon are very, very scary

See the picture up there? That’s me trying to impress my future in-laws by agreeing to go fishing. My husband (then boyfriend) and I caught that salmon. Then they made me take a picture with it. I am seriously about to cry there. Not kidding. Scariest.Moment.Ever.
2. I hate chemicals
I make my own cleaning products or buy all natural–vinegar and water will take you a long way cleaning your house. I hate eating anything artificial. If it isn’t real, I don’t want it. Having said all that, I’ve tried every natural deodorant product under the sun and none of them work for me. I often debate which is worse–permanent B.O. or cancer? I have yet to reach a verdict.
3. I sometimes break into sporadic dance moves
I tell myself I do this to entertain my kids, but really it’s because I’m a huge dork. My husband informed me all of our neighbors can see me through the patio door when I bust into random pirouettes in the kitchen at night. Oh well. I hope they enjoy the show.
4. I can build ANYTHING out of random household garbage like cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls and duct tape. 

Someday he's going to ask me to make him something I can't build. Then what?

The picture above is a fishing pole I made my son out of a toy broom, toilet paper roll, empty ribbon spool, pipe cleaners, duct tape and yarn. I’m like Mommy MacGyver.
5. I have “double-jointed” elbows.
They hyper-extend and freak people out. I earned a “Senior of Distinction” nomination in my high school yearbook because of them. What a thing to be remembered for!
6. I am a mother of twins.
So if you see me out in public looking like I haven’t brushed my hair in weeks, look at my cute kids and cut me some slack. Someday they’ll be old enough to do things without me (and then, of course, I’ll be enormously sad they grew up too fast).
7. I will always be a band geek at heart.

Don't knock the Super Man t-shirt and scrunchie. Those were totally cool in 1997.

I was drum major of my high school marching band. Those were some of the best memories of my entire life. There are parts of high school I’d never wish on anyone, but I’d go back to band in a heartbeat. And, yes, I went to band camp.

And now, drum roll please…My Versatile Blogger Awards go to:
Liza Kane–I first “met” Liza via Twitter (of course). She wrote a blog about social media that I found very helpful. She also helped me set up the nifty tweet buttons at the end of each of my blog posts. She’s super nice and helpful and is an awesome writer!
Raelyn BarclayStop by Raelyn’s blog to say hi and be sure to check out her series about planning a novel using Tarot cards. It’s really fascinating. You can also tell her what kind of pie you like. 🙂
Jeff GreeneBe sure to congratulate Jeff when you stop by his blog. He and his wife just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. He also wrote a great four-part series about plotting a novel.
Sonia G. MedeirosSonia is my hero because somewhere between being a mom AND homeschool teacher, she finds the time to write her novels, blog and keep up on social media. I’m secretly wishing her house is as messy as mine, just so I can feel better. Oops. Did I say that out loud? Hehe. She’s also a #wordmongering champ!
Amanda PlavichEvery writer comes out of the writing closet to someone. My someone was Amanda. If it weren’t for her words of advice and the “start here” tips, I wouldn’t be here. Seriously. I’d still be sitting at home saying, “Someday I’ll do that writing thing.” She’s also an amazingly talented writer and photographer.

11 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I KNEW we had stuff in common! I dance a lot in my house and my car – even if there’s no music playing. I use deodorant instead of anti-perspirant (Tom’s Natural). My sister is double-jointed in her elbows. (Okay, that’s not ME, but it IS in the family genes). And, percussion line drum roll please, I was drum major in my high school band and attended band camp!

    Plus, the writing thing, of course. Loved your post! Love your blog! Keep writing!

    • Whoa…creepy :).

      And yep, Tom’s Natural. I’ve tried Crystal too, that’s OK (though it’s a fabulous price for how long it lasts).

      Thanks for all of your encouragement. Write on!

  2. Thanks! You sound so much like me! I hate chems too…though I do like makeup *shrug*. I tend to wear Tom’s deo most days. If it’s gonna be really hot and I’m gonna be around people…I’ll go with the Secret…I feel like I’m limiting my exposure some at least. I make my cleaners too (and yes…my house is NOT a santuary or order and neatness LOL). I am also a dork. I break into dance moves too and sing…fortunately my kids still think I’m cool…so far. And fish…well, I’m not a big fan of ’em either. We have goldfish…but don’t ask me to touch them. I will eat some kinds of fish (sushi with lots of wasabi and blackened catfish) but will probably never prepare my own…can’t stand the dead eyes at the fish counter. *shudder* 😀

    • Phew! So glad to hear it on the messy house…kidding :). I wear make up too when I go out. I don’t usually during the day at home. Not because of chemicals. Because I’m too lazy, I mean busy, to put it on in the morning. And I’ll eat fish. But I won’t touch a live one. Or even a dead one with the head and scales still attached. LOL.

  3. Aw thanks Erin. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Tarot series. Guess maybe I should do a post on pies 🙂 best get cracking on that research, LOL

    I’ll see your messy house and raise you with destructo house! Feel better? 🙂

  4. Thank you SO much! and I LOVE that you hate chemicals and break out a sporadic dance move! I twirl all the time! ^_^ I know you mentioned that you’ve already tried a lot of deodorant brands, along with crystal, but I really enjoy crystal’s liquid stuff, either the spray or the roll on. I don’t really care about “anti-perspirant” because I believe we should be sweating anyway 🙂 I have a pretty active paythebills job, and no one’s complained about my scent 😉
    Thank you again for this award, and I’ll be sure to post about this soon! 😀
    I’m really proud that even though you’re super scared of fish, that you had enough guts to pose for that picture 😉

    • Thanks, Liza. And you’re welcome! I actually haven’t tried the liquid crystal yet, just the solid stick you have to get wet first. I’ll have to try the other kinds and see if they work for me.

      And thanks for the props on the picture. I have another funny fish story regarding going snorkeling on my honeymoon. Maybe I’ll share it for another blog post. It’s quite hilarious :).

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