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Attack of the Boogity Guys

Monster finger puppets

Boogity Guys

Just imagine it. You wake up on a rainy Saturday morning. You stretch your arms and push the sleep out of your system. Time to get going on this dreary day, even if you’d rather stay in bed. You head downstairs to get some coffee and breakfast. And that’s when you notice it. Something’s just…off. You listen for sounds of life coming from the other members of your household and everything is eerily silent. What’s going on? You creep back upstairs, partly because you don’t want to wake up anyone who may still be sleeping and partly because you’re a little bit afraid: no one sleeps late in this house.

You hear the sloshing of water that indicates someone is in the bathroom. The toilet flushes. “Phew,” you think, “I must have been letting my imagination get away with me again.”

Standing by the bathroom door, you realize you kind of need to use the facilities too. So you wait. And you wait. And you wait. You think, “Geez, did he fall in? What’s taking so long?”

So you knock on the door and ask, “Hey. Are you OK in there?”

No answer.

You knock again. “No, really. I’m a little worried. Are you OK?”

No answer.

OK, this is just bad. He’s either pissed at you for something (you have no clue what) or something has gone terribly wrong. What if he fell and hit his head on the tub and is drowning in bath water? What if he had a heart attack? What if he is secretly shaving his legs and trying on your make-up? Creepy. You open the door to discover he’s not in there. His baseball cap is floating in the toilet bowl. “What the–?”

Out of the corner of your eye you see the body of something strange. It has warty, green skin, gangly arms and buggy eyes. Ohmygosh. You know what this is…


They are evil aliens who attack unsuspecting humans and eat them alive. In the distance, you can hear their taunting chant, “Boogity Guys. Boogity Guys! BOOGITY GUYS!” They are getting away, leaving you all alone and scared. The Boogity Guys MUST be stopped.

Cue theme music from Jaws and make the Macaulay Culkin “AH!” face from Home Alone.

That, my dears, is the opening scene from Attack of the Boogity Guys, a movie my friends and I made in high school. We wrote it, directed it, acted in it and provided the sound effects. I’m happy to say I played the Jaws music on my very own clarinet. I also made the sound of rain by sliding popcorn seeds down a paper cone and into a metal mixing bowl. I’d seen a documentary about sound effects in Hollywood and thought it would sound awesome. And it would have, if I had been able to keep a steady hand when sliding the seeds down the paper. Instead it went something like, Ping! Ping! Ping! into the metal bowl then, WHOOSH! CRASH! as an avalanche of seeds made their way down the paper and into the bowl all at once. Kind of like rain sprinkles into instant monsoon. Sa-weet.

The Boogity Guys themselves were little rubber finger puppets my friends and I won somewhere, probably Chuck E. Cheese. They flew through space on a ship made from paper plates and tin foil. Very realistic looking if you film at the correct camera angles.

This masterpiece of a movie is floating around on a VHS tape somewhere, maybe even my dad’s house, and will probably come back to haunt me someday in its glorious awfulness. Good times. Sometimes I thank God websites like YouTube and Facebook did not exist when I was younger.

Why the trip down memory lane today? Well, 1.) So you can thank me for not becoming a screen writer and 2.) Because M. Howalt nominated me for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Thanks, M. Howalt! You should check out her post because her list of nominees is quite impressive. I’m honored to be included.

Irristably Sweet Blog Award

The ISBA has very similar specifications to the Versatile Blogger Award I received a few weeks ago. So rather than put you all through seven more amazing facts about myself, I figured I’d relay this tale. See, M. Howalt recounted in  her seven random facts that she and her friends made an amateur film. I’m sure hers was much more sophisticated than mine, but it reminded me of my own delve into movie making.

So, if you haven’t lost too many brain cells reading all of that, you may now go back to your regularly scheduled internet browsing…but watch out for those Boogity Guys :).


2 thoughts on “Attack of the Boogity Guys

  1. Ahhh, so that was the full story! I had hoped to hear it. 🙂 Thank you (not for not ending up making films, but for sharing it)!
    – And you’re welcome. 🙂 I do like your blog.

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