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Introducing a new interview series–#IDFriday

A little while ago I interviewed my friend, Justin Rose, the lead singer of Frequency 54. The purpose of my interview with him was to learn about self promotion. But it ended up being so much more. Oh yes. So much more.

You see, I had more hits on my blog the day the interview posted than I EVER had before and have had since. In fact, my biggest day since the interview has only achieved half as many (and that post was about a TV show). So I thought about why that might have been. For starters, let’s be totally honest, a lot of it had to do with the fact that Justin posted the link on his band and personal Facebook pages. So his fans made their way here to read it. His friends and family did too. I TOTALLY appreciate that.

But, there’s more to it. Because the article was also my most retweeted post on Twitter. People I didn’t know, who I wasn’t (yet) following and who weren’t (yet) following me, reached out to say how much they liked it. Someone even told me he liked it so much he had to share it with his wife. Part of that was because Justin’s advice was so solid, the topic resonated.

But, there’s still more to it. I think another reason the article worked so well was simply that people are interesting. It was an article about a rock star and his journey. We learned about his early struggles and his later success. We found out how he works. We saw cool pictures and a music video. Forgive me, fellow writers, when I boldly state: people are more interesting than grammar any day of the week. I’ll even go so far as to say people are more interesting than query letters. People are more interesting than self-publishing. People are more interesting than books. *GASP!*

Here’s why: without people, we have NONE of the above.

Why do we write? And before you give me your BS answer of “Because it’s art!” or “Because I HAVE to!” or “Because I was born to!”, really, really think about it. You write because people are interesting. That’s why you create characters. Even Elves and Orcs and Vampires and other fictional races, at the very core, have human values (or lack thereof) and stereotypes. (Hint: Think of this as possible character research)

Why do readers read? Because they love it. Sure. Because it’s entertaining. Yep. But also because people are interesting. Readers fall in love with characters and characters are people. People they can pretend to be for a few hundred pages.

It’s why we obsess about celebrities. It’s why you eavesdrop on conversations at the supermarket (come on, I’m not the only one). It’s why we gossip. Sure, there might be some underhanded and ulterior motives, but mostly it’s because people are interesting.

When I posted the interview with Justin one of my very first comments was from a girl who told me she was a member of a burlesque troupe. I have been thinking about her ever since. Wow. Burlesque. So chic. So racy. So intriguing. So interesting. I couldn’t get this girl off my mind, so I did what any teenage boy in my shoes would do–I stalked her blog comment and used her provided email address to contact her. Because I just had to know more.

She agreed to do an interview (yay!) and thus my new series is born. The third Friday of every month (starting this Friday) will be Interview Day. I’ll even be cocky enough to hashtag this baby #IDFriday. Who knows? I might surprise you and post more frequently, but for now once a month is my commitment.

So be on the lookout THIS Friday, June 17th, for the very first #IDFriday with Jessica Back of The Fischer Bodies. For fun, I’ll give you a little teezer:

Nada Teezovich of The Fischer Bodies

Nada Teezovich

And–a call to action. If you know anyone you think is interesting and you’d like me to interview them, let me know. Maybe the person is a firefighter, or a televangelist, or a ballerina, or a stay at home mom, or a high school student, or a world renowned unicyclist. If you think they are interesting, they probably are. Send me an email–erin[at]brambilla[dot]us ( replace [at] w/ @ and [dot] with . I posted it that way to avoid getting a billion spam emails).


3 thoughts on “Introducing a new interview series–#IDFriday

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  2. This post really made me think. I’ve been reconsidering what to blog about (my interests are varied like many writers), and your focus on people is something I’m going to think about more. I agree with your assessment. Best wishes on your interviews!

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