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Reminiscing High School Heartbreak

Teddy bear stabbed through the heart

Last week I discussed high school romance, at least how it existed for my friend and me. As far as I know, my old boyfriends have all forgiven me for that post. I hope they’ll forgive me once again as I rehash high school heartbreak.

The agony! The drama! (or should I say the melodrama?)

While I do know quite a few people who actually married their high school sweethearts, I think they are more the exception than the rule. For most of us high school romance was saccharine: sweet and short-lived. For all of the cheesy lines, love confessions, prom dances and romantic moments, there were also disagreements, chemistry fizzles and broken hearts.

I’m not going to focus on the HOW of the break-ups. No one really wants to rehash that (especially not those aforementioned ex-boyfriends. I won’t out our issues on the interwebz, pinky swears!). No, instead I will focus on the antics and reactions. Because THOSE are classic. So, grab your favorite pint of Ben & Jerry’s and here we go.

1.) The drama before it even started

Remember all those cheesy lines that worked (somehow)? Well, there are also cheesy lines that didn’t. Just ask my husband. When he was in high school the song Friends by Michael W. Smith was really popular. Back then we didn’t have those new-fangled MP3s and iTunes all the kids are talkin’ about. We had cassette tapes. And the radio. He must have waited for HOURS to record the song from his favorite station–without DJ interruption at the beginning or end. Difficult to do.

Anyway, he recorded the song and when the opportunity presented itself, he played the tape for the girl he had a crush on. Sweet, right? Except that girl took the message of “friends are friends forever…” a little too literally, because that’s all she wanted to be. Maybe if he had sang it to her instead things might have worked out. My husband is an excellent singer.

2.) When you need your girlfriends now. No, really. NOW.

After a particularly dramatic break-up with a boyfriend, my BFF really needed to talk to her girls. Understandable. Talking to your girls after a break-up is part of the girl code. Except, we were all at the movies together without her. And this was back before cell phones. To the question I’m sure you’re asking, “What did you do without a cell phone?” She marched into the theater and somehow convinced the manager to turn on the lights so she could find us in our seats. I’m sure all those other theater-goers understood. It was like, an emergency.

3.) When you couldn’t possibly keep dating someone if your friend isn’t dating someone

So you know how girls go to the bathroom together? And go shopping together? And go get pedicures together? Well, sometimes we break-up with our boyfriends together. Oh yes. Sometimes we do. My BFF and I were dating guys who were also BFFs. Aww. Cute! And it really, really was. Double dates galore. Until BFF and her boyfriend broke up. Then I couldn’t possibly keep dating my guy. The magic was gone. The chemistry was lost. Even if nothing was technically wrong with the relationship.

4.) Break-ups need sound tracks

What do you do when band season ends and so does your relationship? You listen to LOTS of Sarah McLachlan. Lots and lots and lots. Scented candles and chocolate were optional, though most often included.  Do What You Have To Do was a particular favorite of mine:

Of course once I got over the whole mess, Alanis Morissette might have been more my speed.You Oughta Know, anyone?

Did I mention I might have had a little flair for the dramatic? At least as far as break-up songs went.

So easy to laugh now, right? Break-ups back then had real emotions, even if they seem silly in the grand scheme of things looking back. Luckily I think none of us were worse for the wear. I’m still friends with all of my high school boyfriends. At least, I hope I still am…after I post this on Facebook :). So, ex-boyfriends, next time we all see each other, I’ll buy ya a beer. OK?

Do you have a silly break-up story to share? Any dramatics that make you blush in hindsight? Go ahead, confess it here. I won’t tell. The internet will, but I won’t. Promise.


4 thoughts on “Reminiscing High School Heartbreak

  1. Heh, now you ask I have a strange tidbit from my teenage years.
    When I was junior I was dating a freshman. My best friend back then was perhaps the biggest smartass to ever walk into the school. He saw a picture me and my new g/f on Myspace (anyone remember that?) and commented with an inside joke that said ‘Two piggies in a barn’.
    The g/f got so upset when she read it that she broke up with me. However, she decided to do it over the phone., while I was using the bathroom. The entire time I was answering nature’s call she was crying and actually said, ‘I can’t believe we’re breaking up!’. Remind you, it was HER who was dumping ME while I was… yeah you get it.
    I brushed it off when she hung up the phone, finished and went to school the next day. Luckily I was at a different school for when I got home I checked my AIM and was greeted with an ONSLAUGHT of insults, death threats and general teenage grammer errors by her friends. This went on for two days!

    • If I didn’t let on my old age with the cassette tape story, I will when I say I’m really glad the internet wasn’t really around when I was in high school. We had Prodigy internet (anyone remember THAT? 🙂 ). And AOL was only for the rich kids who wanted to pay for it per minute. I only started using email the summer before I went to college.

      Sorry about all those viscious girls. Like I said, we can be a dramatic lot when it comes to broken hearts.

  2. Only 2 thoughts.

    First, the stupidest thing I remember us gals doing was repeatedly driving by the house of the guy who just broke up with one of us. It’s like we were stalking him. What did we expect? Did we think he would see our car, rush out and fall to his knees to beg for forgiveness, and then we would live happily ever after? No. And I was too nice to egg the house.

    Second, I had one guy cheat on me, break up, and then use that stupid, “Can’t we be friends?” line. To which I replied, “I don’t think so. My friends don’t treat me like s___.” (I cussed plenty back then.) It’s true, though. You can’t break someone’s heart and then expect them to immediately be friends. It hurts too much – even at a young age.

    Pardon me now, while I grab the tissues as I recall the past. 😉

    • ::passes Julie a tissue::

      LOL about the drive-bys. I think we did that too. And you’re right, what in the world would that accomplish? What do you suppose the modern day equivalent is? Stalking his Facebook page? Or Flickr stream?

      Sorry about the cheater. I’ve never experienced that, for which I’m thankful. I wouldn’t want to be friends then either.

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