#ROW80: First Check-In

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Wow. Two blog posts in less than 24 hours. We shall call that lack of planning on my part, I suppose. But I had already scheduled part two of a two-part series for today and then I joined #ROW80 and today is the first check-in. I could maybe have combined the posts, but I feel each deserves its own. More for organization than anything else. Which is ironic–the disorganized back-to-back postings are because I wanted to be organized? Huh? I clearly haven’t had enough coffee today.

Anyway there isn’t much to expound on here. My goal, as I stated over the weekend, is to write at least 750 words per day for 80 days, adding a total of 60K to my current WIP. And give it a title. Because it doesn’t have one yet.

Progress so far? I’m happy to report I’m doing well! I thought Monday (the first official day of the challenge) would start me off on a failing note because we had just driven five hours home from visiting my family for the holiday weekend. All I wanted to do after dealing with bad fast food and cranky kids in the car was to go to bed. But I pushed through and wrote 1000 words Monday night. See, this accountability thing works!

Yesterday I added another 800 words, plus wrote a blog entry.

This puts me at 1800/1500 words. Woot!

Which makes me think my goal may need tweaking. I won’t do any adjusting to my word count goal yet. I’ll be hosting visitors all weekend and we have a few family trips coming up. I’ll have to make up for those days where I know I’ll get far less writing time. What I am going to do is expand the goal in other ways.

  • Blog at least 3 times per week. I’m trying to be more consistent about blogging. This means I’ll have to pre-write and schedule blogs for days I’m gone. Oooh. Planning. That WILL be a challenge.
  • Finish Beta reading a friend’s MS. This needs to be done ASAP.

Still no title for my WIP, but I’ve got 78 days to go on that one :).

Happy writing to my fellow participants. How are you doing with your #ROW80 goals?

9 thoughts on “#ROW80: First Check-In

  1. Way to go! I actually had a similar dilemna yesterday driving back from the beach. I knew I wasn’t going to write when I got home, so I just wrote as the hubby sailed along the highway…got 1,000 words done 🙂

  2. I’ve scheduled posts when I’m going to be out of pocket before. But this week, I decided to try writing and posting all 3 posts on one day (scheduling the later ones), thus freeing up the rest of the week for other stuff. I did it! But it took longer than I originally expected. It certainly does require PLANNING!

    And the interruptions (I mean, my kids) make blogging a challenge at times. To which I’m sure you can relate!

    Best wishes on the ROW80!

    • I think scheduling will help, though I can see what you mean about it being time consuming. I can’t decide if I want some sort of static theme, like you do, or if I want to continue with my randomness? I like looking forward to your posts on the days I know they’ll be there (I like them all, Wednesday Words is always interesting and I learn something new). If I did a static theme, I might do something like Mommy Monday where I tell my kid stories. Writerly Wednesdays for all things writing and writer-ish (which will come in handy for ROW80 updates) and then maybe Foodie Fridays where I talk about crazy recipes I concoct or I can review other people’s recipes I try, or even Food Network shows I love. Then….if I get some sort of crazy idea that doesn’t fit a theme, there’s nothing saying I couldn’t also blog on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday just because, right? Ack! Not sure. It’s kind of what I’m leaning toward.

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