Drawing the Line in the Sand

line in the sand

There are milestone moments in every mother’s life where she feels like the line has been drawn. The line that separates her from pre-motherhood life. And not in a way that makes one lifestyle better than the other. Just something that defines the two lifestyles are, in fact, different.

Some might say this moment happens as soon as the mother has given birth and the baby is in her arms. And chronologically, I suppose that’s true. One minute before the baby is born you’re a pregnant woman and the minute after you’re a mother with a child in her arms.

Some might say the first time you decide the ponytail is not only an acceptable hairstyle, but one of practicality and efficiency too, is that moment.

Some might say the day you consider waking up at 7:00am to be sleeping in is one of those moments. On days off during my pre-child days, anything earlier than 9:00am seemed ungodly. Now my husband likes to say, “7 is the new 9”.

There are countless other moments like those and every mother has a story. Recently I’ve encountered one more. Something that drew the line a little bit thicker.

When I was engaged, I went through all of the pre-wedding rituals most other brides do: bridal showers, couples showers and a bachelorette party. Before taking off to hit the town for my “last night as a single woman”, my maid of honor threw me a lingerie shower. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s kind of like a bridal shower, but with sexy lingerie wrapped in the boxes instead of blenders. Unless you’re into that sort of thing in bed…then…well…

Anyway, one of my gifts was a lovely red silk negligee and matching red silk robe. It was by far my favorite of the gifts. A classy set of lingerie, something I’d feel sexy, but not slutty, wearing. I was very excited to have it (and so was my husband). Well, like the china sets and martini glasses we received as wedding gifts, the lingerie doesn’t get used much anymore. It just sits in my closet, looking pretty.

As I was packing to go on a trip with the family recently, my kids decided my walk-in closet was a great place to play. They were kind of tearing it apart, but at least they were occupied while I got toiletries into suitcases. I heard the hangars clanging around, but I put on my mommy blockers and tuned it out.

A few minutes later my son marched out of the closet holding the silky red bathrobe and declared, “Mommy! You have a Super Man cape!” And I had to admit, the color and sheen were perfect. It really did look like a cape, especially when I folded it in half with the sewn-on belt at the top. I created a little harness out of the belt and attached the cape to my son. Then I let him fly happily around the house (and yard) that day.

When my husband got home from work and witnessed our costume design efforts he said, “Is he wearing lingerie?” And after I nodded he said, “That is so wrong.”

But I decided that it was one of those moments. When your silky bathrobe turns from temptress gear to a superhero uniform, you’ve officially drawn the line in the sand. That’s a mommy moment.




10 thoughts on “Drawing the Line in the Sand

  1. LOL, I’m with your husband! So wrong. Wait till the kids get a little older (you know, when they no longer slip into bed with you in the middle of the night…) and you’ll find you want to pull that lingerie out again.

    Great post Erin 🙂

  2. Yep, that’s the transition from Hot Mama to Cool Mama. Hot Mama turned her hubby on with some fabulous ilngerie. Cool Mama turns it into a superhero cape for her son. I love it!

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