Post-Vacation Funk & Fun Writer Tests

I don’t have much to report for #ROW80 progress this week. Mainly because I was busy last week enjoying things like this:

And this:

Sunset on the lake

Which  means that not much of this got done:

hands typing on a laptop

So while blogging last week was a big FAIL, I did read a lot. I finished Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. I also read Like Mandarin by Kristen  Hubbard, and Bossypants by Tina Fey. Wow. That’s quite the diverse reading list, huh? My brain feels expanded.

Also–I’d like to make a motion that drinking alcohol in a car should be legal for non-driving, of-age passengers. Especially those stuck in a car with three children three years old and under for ten hours (each way). Just sayin’. Are we there yet? I have to go potty. I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. I have to go potty. I dropped my toy.  Are we there yet? Anyone want to sign my petition?

As for this week, I’m back on track with blogging and I’m chugging away on my outline so I can start rewrites. Woot.

But just for fun, since this post is kind of lame, I thought I’d include a few fun writer games.

The first: Who do you write like?

This was kind of fun. Copy and paste a sample of your writing on the site linked above. It will do some fancy internet thingy (*official terminology) to analyze your writing, then it will tell you who you write like. At first I thought it was kind of BS, because it takes just a second to analyze, so I figured it must spit out author names at random. But I did this a few months ago and then again today and got the same result. So, maybe it’s accurate. Or, maybe it tells everyone the same answer? I don’t know. Try it and tell me your result. Apparently I write like David Foster Wallace. Which is just…wow. If that’s true I’ve got some big shoes to fill!

The second: Do you think the internet can predict your gender based on a writing sample?

Apparently this site takes your writing sample and applies an algorithm. It can guess the gender of the writer based on the sample. It was correct for me. I actually used the same writing sample for the two websites. I’m not really sure what to make of that. Maybe I write like David Foster Wallace’s twin sister?

How is everyone else doing this week? Are you making your goals? Who do you write like? Did the gender test guess correctly? 


17 thoughts on “Post-Vacation Funk & Fun Writer Tests

  1. Apparently I write like a female combination of Stephen King, Raymond Chandler, and Leo Tolstoy(I did several different samples for both of them. Most of those came up with Stephen King on the first one). I’ve done that second one before too with my last WIP and some of my scenes it said were written by a male.

  2. I’m still revising goals and trying to get caught up. I made new goals last Sunday of writing 4 days a week and so far have only done one this week. I’m hoping to get some time in today.

    As for driving with kids in cars, I always thought those sound-proof dividers they have in limos should be a requirement in any vehicle that seats more than 2.

    • Hi, Crystal. I think a goal of getting writing time in instead of a specific word count is great. It’s less pressure and you may end up more productive than if you were climbing towards a specific number. And the sound-proof divider would have been wonderful, I’ll have to suggest that to my DH. As for the Rudyard Kipling reference, maybe you should add him to the reading list and see what you think :)?

  3. Well, the Gender Genie thinks I’m androgynous (my female score was slightly higher, though they were both close) and I Write Like Cory Doctorow. I’ve been called worse.

    Great links and enjoy those sunsets on the beach. Don’t think of it as taking time off… think of it as storing up descriptive settings for later :-).

  4. Breaks are super important (though how rested could you possibly be after that care ride, I’m not sure 🙂 ) I’ve always thought that taking a break from writing (as long as it’s a short one) was a bit like taking a break from exercising when you’ve hit a plateau. When athletes hit a wall and can’t improve any more, they take a week off, and when they come back, they’re able to start improving again past the plateau where they were stuck.

  5. I didn’t get much done last week either. Was preparing for the annual family reunion. Ah well, it was time well spent. Family’s always worth it. I’m with you on the petition though. 😀

  6. I will sign that petition! Luckily the little kiddos I was next to on the plane were very well behaved. Much more than the adult-aged douchebag I sat next to on the first flight!

    Looks like you had a fun, relaxing time, if not productive ^_^

  7. Looks like you had a great vacation and I’d sign that petition except TM and I share driving duties 🙂

    JK Rowling and I’m androgynous though the female score was a bit higher. I took the one a few years ago when Lynn Viehl posted the tests on her blog…I got JK Rowling then too. Does that mean I haven’t improved? Or that I’m just awesome as I am? LOL

    Finally got all my pre-planning together and am ready to start drafting :rubs hands together:

    • I think getting JKR twice just means you’re super awesome :).

      I’ve started plotting on index cards and have part 1 mapped out now. I was sort of trying NOT to do the index card thing but now that I am, I can see how helpful it is to be able to rearrange and completely remove scenes w/o messing up an entire manuscript. It’s nice. Though I’m itching to get drafting.

  8. Gorgeous photos! What a lovely vacation spot. As for the drive, my sister and I wanted to install limo windows between the driver and the backseat when our kids were toddlers. At some point, the idea of pushing a button and having a soundproof window go up sounded heavenly. Alas, we made it through without it, though!

    I’m reading Story Engineering now as well. I write like Stephen King with my fiction, but blog entries got me a James Joyce and an H.P. Lovelace. I’ve never read any of those authors! As yes, my gender was obvious on the second analyzer. I’m not a girly girl, except maybe when it comes to my writing!

    • Yes, I suppose what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right? I’m flexing my car trip muscles now. Woot!

      I think you’ll like Story Engineering, you’ll have to let me know what you think. I think it expounded on STC and clarified a few things. Even if the analogies got a bit heavy at times. I learned a lot, I think.

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