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Absolute Write August Blog Chain

It’s my turn in the blog chain again.

This month’s prompt: The Continuing Story of a Song

Step 1: Choose a song. It can be any song, vocal or instrumental, but you have to know what it’s called and who did it. If you really want to spin the roulette wheel, use the random function in your music player. Bonus points for finding and linking a YouTube video or other (legal) source. The song should be one you like and doesn’t have to be related to anybody else’s pick.

Step 2: Continue the story. Read the post before yours and continue the story in any direction you see fit. Your continuation must be based on, inspired by, or in some other way influenced by your song choice. Be prepared to explain it in the comments section!

This month’s post is a bit of a challenge for me. Way out of my genre. And it’s nearing the end of the story. I suppose that’s a good way to stretch my writing muscles. Oy!

The story will make the most sense if you click through and read the posts from the participants before me.

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I was inspired by two songs: Sweet Surrender by Sarah McLachlan (Lyrics) and Adia, also by Sarah McLachlan (Lyrics).

Run, Chris.  Leave all this in the salty mist behind you, where it belongs.

He willed his feet to move through the sand, to not stumble when they struck pavement. At last. The path. Just a few more steps and he’d be to the doors. He approached the shrubs where he’d found Clarissa earlier. Alive. The turn of events made him sick. If only he could go back in time. He’d return to her mother, as he promised he would all those years ago. Maybe things would have been different. Maybe they’d have lived a happy life. He huffed. Those things only happened in fairy tales. This was definitely not one of those.

A familiar flash of material drew his attention. The boy. He was still there, his head slowly bleeding from where it struck the corner of the sidewalk. His headphones still blaring a haunting song. Chris had seen too much blood tonight. As he took his next step, another flash caught his eye. This time silver. He stopped in his tracks and inspected the  boy again. There. Sticking out of the boy’s pocket–a knife. Chris grabbed the blade and ran through the door. He bent over to heave as it clicked shut behind him. Finally.

He closed his eyes and let out a few more breaths. A phone. Think. Where was the phone? He found himself lamenting modern technology and his own desires. If only he’d taken his cell phone with him. He’d left it at home, hoping for a true tropical getaway. And now, when he needed it most, it was gone. And he couldn’t remember seeing a single payphone on the resort. He’d go to the front desk.

He breathed in relief and opened his eyes. Neon lights glowed macabre red and blue. Allison’s malicious giggle swirled around him. In him. Taking over all the space in his head.

“Poor, Chris. You could have saved yourself the trouble. I said you couldn’t run far enough.” Her voice dripped with mock pity.

“How are you doing this?” Chris screamed. He stood there, stuck in a pool of blood and dead bodies. The coppery smell overwhelmed him. He no longer had the energy to run. Not that it would do any good if he did.

Allison materialized in front of him, cradling his daughter’s body in her arms. “I told you, Chris. We have a promise to fulfill.”

Chris took in the loss of innocent life all around him. His eyes landed on his daughter. His. Daughter. Clarissa. Even she was innocent. Allison may have gotten her mixed up in this sadistic game, but she was still his. He gripped the handle of the knife hanging in his hand. How could he forgive himself for killing her? For failing her mother all those years ago?

He raised the knife, sticking the point to his other wrist. Maybe if he ended it all now, by his own hand before Allison could get a hold of him, the Gods would be kind –whether he did or did not break any promises. Maybe they’d let him spend eternity with his daughter and her mother. He pressed the tip into his flesh, just breaking the surface. A trickle of blood ran down his hand. His surrendered life force dripped onto his pants.

“Chris. What are you doing?” Allison sounded hysterical.

He felt an insistent vibration against his right leg. Before he pressed the knife any further, he looked down. An eerie green glow emanated from the pocket of his water-logged khaki pants. The finger. The emerald ring. It was humming.


25 thoughts on “Absolute Write August Blog Chain

    • Thanks, Cath. That means a lot. After I posted this I thought, “Man, claiming this isn’t my genre is kind of a cop out, maybe I shouldn’t have made an excuse for myself.” So I feel better hearing this :).

  1. Oooh, I love how you added sense of smell. You know, that’s always something I end up adding in my revisions because I don’t think of it during my initial drafts. I love Sarah McLachlan…good song choices! I find her songs so haunting…oops you just said that, but it’s true (and I didn’t see your comment until just now, so I’m not copying you, I swear!)

    • Thanks, April. I’ve been very conscious of smell lately in my reading and writing and I think it really does add something. And LOL about not copying. I think Sweet Surrender in particular is very haunting and the video is almost creepy.

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