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three children playing drums

Older brother: OK, good job making a mess, you guys. Now THIS is how we give her a headache.

I was cutting grapes into non-chokable sizes for lunch this afternoon while my kids ate Goldfish crackers outside. It is beautiful out today, so we were trying to take advantage.

As they sat there munching, I could hear my 3-year-old coaching my (almost) 20-month-old to say something. A few seconds later I heard them giggling and my 3-year-old proudly declared, “Mommy! He said his name. I told him to say his name and he said his name.”

“That’s good, buddy,” I replied.

Then a few second later my 3-year-old piped up again, “Mommy! I told him to say truck and he said truck!” Then again, “I told him to say airplane and he said airplane!”

And they giggled as they went through the list of words my 3-year-old could think to say. Words my 20-m0nth-old had said before, but never specifically because his brother had asked him to.

My first reaction was to think Aw, that’s so cute! And it is, for a few reasons.

1.) My 3-year-old acted as  teacher in those moments and his pride at getting his brother to do as he requested was obvious.

2.) Moments where they aren’t trying to maul each other for toys can be rare, so heartwarming moments like this are especially nice for a mother.

3.) It reminded me a lot of when I was a child and my youngest brother was about two years old and learning to talk. My middle brother and I found amusement in coaching our little brother to say all kinds of things. Like chemo therapy. My younger brother’s baby voice would screw up some of the sounds and it came out sounding like this, “kay-mo fair-fee”. To a 10-year-old and 9-year-old, this is quite hilarious. Though why we decided chemo therapy was a thing a 2-year-old needed to say is beyond me. We must have just learned about it in school, or from a sick relative. I can’t remember. But I remember giggling over and over again every time we got my brother to say that and announcing to our mother what we had accomplished. It’s funny how life kind of repeats itself like that.

But then, that got me to thinking of more sinister things we’d done to my brother. Like when we taught him more naughty words. Or when we piled all of our vegetables onto his plate so we didn’t have to eat them (though mom certainly became wise to that move). It made me sort of glad my kids are closer in age than I was with my younger siblings, so these “teachings” would remain fairly innocent.

Then I recalled stories my husband told me about time with his brothers. My husband is a middle kid, with a brother 2-years-older and a brother 2-years-younger. He and his brothers were more partners in crime. They climbed on rooftops. They made bike ramps out of things which were surely not structurally sound. They lived on a lake and dared one another to walk on thin ice. They’d launch bottle rockets from their bare hands, egging one another on.

I realized…I’m screwed either way, aren’t I?

I know some of my readers  have children older than mine. I know some of you are going through the teenage phase right now. And some of you have children who have grown into adulthood. You give me hope that we’ll all survive this, one broken leg and swear word at a time. Just don’t laugh at me when I come to you all for advice (and large quantities of chocolate) to get through, ok? If my kids take after either one of their parents, things could get interesting around here.


7 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. Of course, you could end up on a first name basis with your local ER department, LOL. Yes, there were a couple years where I kept expecting DHS to come knocking on my door. All boys, 2-3 years apart, and partners in crime fits them to a T.

    I think I’m paying for That Man’s childhood crimes and hijinks! My sister and I certainly weren’t THAT bad 🙂

    • LOL. I can only imagine the ER bill. I’m hoping having a sister with them will tame the boys down a bit. Right? LOL! Actually, she’s a climber. So nevermind that.

      I often wonder if my brothers had been closer in age what kind of trouble they’d have gotten into. As it stands, they’re just now discovering how much trouble they can cause together, now that they are both adults!

      • We don’t get in to trouble now, where on earth did you hear that??

        I can also think of a few more things we did to our poor little brother… How about when we’d hog tie him up and leave him in the bathroom with the lights off!

        Zach’s almost at the point where he’ll find his own Bob and Joe (neighborhood friends)so if you think Emily will tame him…. Did you tame me?

      • LOL! Maybe not bad trouble. But I’d say you guys were trouble (the fun kind, of course) :). Haha!

        And I don’t know, man. If I’d have been a boy, do you think we may have had a few more trips to the ER as kids. The way I hear brother’s act together, I think maybe I did. There is the whole Union Lake Hawks Football/Cheerleading picture to prove it :).

      • Not according to my aunt, LOL, my female cousin was the worst of the lot. For example, she lined up all the neighborhood boys to see who could pee the farthest.

        Oh, and the ER visits weren’t all at once but for a bit there it seemed like we were in every other month with at least one of the boys. Our climber has been in the most…just warning you 🙂 Of course, he’s taught the youngest how to slide down the bannister so perhaps more ER visits are in the future, LOL

  2. Your mommy posts always leave me smiling. It’s a wild ride, ain’t it? And (ssshhh, don’t tell our kids) we don’t really know what we’re doing. We just do our best and pray for the rest!

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