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What Would You Name Your Punk Band?

Punk Rock Girl

We had landscapers doing work in our yard this week. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you make fun of us for not doing our own yard work. But let me just say, they weren’t so much landscapers as they were random dudes with a rusty pick-up truck full of mulch, who offered to lay it down for less than we would have paid per yard to do it ourselves. Not sure how the math works there, but uh…we paid in cash…so maybe that has something to do with it. I don’t know. ::whistles::

Anyway, our yard is now freshly mulched in the appropriate places and it looks very nice. But it has that “mulchy” smell. Hard to describe, kind of woody, I guess. Not stinky, really. Just…well…like fresh mulch.

My husband came home this evening and saw the finished product. He said, “It smells good back here.”

I said, “No it doesn’t. It smells like mulch. Hot mulch.” (because it was kind of hot outside)

Then I started laughing and my husband looked at me like I was crazy. So I said, “Hot Mulch. It sounds like the name of a punk band, doesn’t it? Like, Live at The Dirty Bar, it’s HOT MULCH!!!” 

He may or may not have looked at me like I was crazy again.

So just for fun, I Googled, “How to name a punk band” and found The Band Name Maker. Seriously, what can’t you find on the internet these days? You enter in a keyword and this website will generate a list of possible punk band names for you.

Here are other possible names for a band using the word mulch, as generated by The Band Name Maker:

  • Mulch Beacon
  • Coin Mulch
  • Mulch Automatic
  • Mulch Clown
  • Remote Mulch
  • Crying Mulch And The Contemplate
  • Mulch Pea
  • Odd Mulch
  • Mulch Orbit And The Incomplete Fred
  • Mulch With Outcast
I think Mulch Orbit And The Incomplete Fred might be my favorite.
Go ahead, take a second and give it a try. What band names did it come up with for you? Do you have any brilliant band names you’ve come up with on your own?

5 thoughts on “What Would You Name Your Punk Band?

  1. Okay, I tried it! My favorite one was “Callous Slap and the Introspection.” Hey, it sounds punk to me! (Listen to what your kids say, by the way: They’ll come up with some good lines for band names without even knowing it.)

  2. This might be my new favorite time waster! I’ve gotten some hilarious results, but these are the best:

    Burnt Goggle And The Charming Balloon (this is totally a steampunk band name if I’ve ever heard one)

    Hypnosis Beneath Aphrodisiac

    Shot Pressed And The Papaya (this reminds me a band that is totally into organic fruits and energy shakes, lol)

    Fading Tofu And The Messenger (and this is an aging vegan band)

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