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Confessions of Real Mothers

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes when I’m reading parenting articles and blogs, I think that I must be some kind of mutant. It sometimes feels like every mother out there is achieving enlightenment through drawing the same pictures with sidewalk chalk every day. And I’m just…not.

My kids can make me melt into my shoes with their cuteness, for sure. And I love doing things with them. But I was starting to wonder if I was alone in my feelings of dread over playing even one more game of Not-Hide and Seek.

So I did some recon with mothers I actually know and who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. These are all people who I feel are EXCELLENT mothers. They play with their kids. They make the cutest darn art projects you’ve ever seen. But at the end of the day, they need a glass of wine. Here’s why. Today I bring you: Confessions of Real Mothers.

On Playground-Style Games:

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I can only play hide and seek so many times. Especially when my daughter tells me where she’s going to hide and it happens to be in plain-freaking-sight, and she giggles the whole dang time saying ‘No, that’s not me! I’m not here!'” ~Mommy A

“There’s only so many times I can play tag and pretend I can’t catch my daughters.” ~Mommy B

On Playing Board Games: 

“I’m getting really tired of losing at Hungry, Hungry Hippos. There’s only so little you can do and still be actively playing. Oh, I certainly don’t let him win every time, but you can only be spanked by your mother at Hungry, Hungry Hippos so many times before you have a complete meltdown and require very expensive therapy.” ~Mommy C

“Hungry, Hungry Hippos is the loudest game ever. After about 5 rounds I have to make up excuses about the hippos being tired just so I don’t have to listen to the sound of the cheaply made plastic hippos banging against the cheaply made plastic board. Every time we play, I curse myself for spending the $15 on that game!” ~Mommy D

“You guys let your kids win at games? I actually have an “I Won” song I sing when I beat them!” ~Mommy E

On Make-Believe Games:

tea party

Photo courtesy of 2 Sisters Photography

“How many tea parties could I possibly be expected to sit through?!” ~Mommy F

“I have been playing a lot of My Little Ponies lately. Only I am told who I can be and what I should say. Maybe if I got to be Princess Celestia and be the boss once in a while I would have more fun!” ~Mommy G

“We play Rapunzel–the game where I’m Mother Gothel, I steal my daughter’s “Baby Rapunzel”, put her in the “high tower” (aka cat tree), and she goes and retrieves her. It takes a whole of 45 seconds and she wants to play it OVER and OVER and OVER…” ~Mommy H  

On Quiet Activities: 

“Sometimes if I’m too tired to keep reading a book, I skip pages.” ~Mommy I

“I am kind of sick of making crafts out of garbage everyday. Boxes, bottles, pipe cleaners, pie tins, whatever. We have made some pretty cool stuff, but I don’t feel like doing it every single day. And the very second my son wakes up it’s “Can you make me a…” and the requests are getting ridiculous. The latest is a dinosaur crane digger with a claw, an elevator, horns, and wheels. I don’t even know what the hell that is!” ~Mommy J

On Real Life:

“Some days I just want to chill at home and sip my coffee while he watches crappy cartoons.” ~Mommy K

“Sometimes I get tired of playing, so I start cleaning things that didn’t really need cleaning.” ~Mommy L

“Sometimes when I’m kissing boo-boos I get a little irritated at having to find the exact right spot. Like, dude…it’s your toe…there’s only so much surface area I can kiss, how could I have missed?” ~Mommy M

“Bedtime cannot come quick enough!” ~Sentiment echoed by more than one Mommy

So on days where you think you can’t look for your little hider in the closet even one more time, know you aren’t alone. Bottom line: As long as our kids know we love them, that’s all that matters. Or as one mother put it:

“We ALL have our bad days and if anyone says everything is non-stop sunshine, they are living a fantasy. We have to take the bad with the good…that’s what makes the good so much brighter and welcome.” ~Mommy N

P.S. After reading all of these, don’t you just want to call up your own mother and thank her for putting up with your own annoying games and activities all those years? I do.

Do you have any parenting confessions you’d like to  get out? Can you guess which confession (or confessions??)  is (are) mine?


22 thoughts on “Confessions of Real Mothers

  1. Tweeted this! I am so with ya. My oldest was adopted at age 39 (me not her), and my dearest friend whose kids were much older gave me a great piece of advice…buy an egg timer & set it for 10 minutes. Play for ten and then steal twenty for yourself. And it works!

  2. These are great mom confessions. What a bunch of wonderful moms to play with their kids all the time like that. I have to confess that I worked when my kids were little and I missed out on a lot. But we had lots of fun times with board games, Slip’N’Slide, baseball in the yard, tumbling, and lots of random fun stuff. They’re all grown up now, and I have to say that it’s a blast playing with my toddler granddaughter. I love to get on the floor and check out her toys. I can’t believe all the cool toys there are these days! My grandson is 5 weeks old. I’m looking forward to lots of play time with the little darlings and more grandkids to come! Enjoy these days because they’ll be flying the coop before you know it!

  3. I want to favorite this post about 12 times! Our book club actually read a book called Confessions of a Slacker Mom. We all liked it!

    In fact, today my hubby said he didn’t want to attend an upcoming kid event. My response was, “Do you know how much I HATE Chuck E. Cheese and how often I’ve gone there because I’m a mom?” We do a lot of things for our kids that aren’t appealing to us, but so did our parents. It’s the Circle of Life.

    • Aw, thanks, Julie! I will have to pick up that book, I haven’t heard of it yet but even the title is ringing true :).

      So true on the Circle of Life. And I’m so with you on Chuck E. Cheese. We took my son there as a reward for good behavior and it was not how I remembered it as a kid. Who knows if it’s because things have changed, or because I’m not a kid anymore. But my son liked it. Now I know why my mom brings her knitting with her everywhere she goes–the kids get to have fun and she can do something she likes too :).

  4. I wonder if it’s built into our mothering that we never feel we’re doing enough. My son is 17 now and my daughter is 12 and I am constantly wondering if I spent enough time with them when they were younger. I catch myself thinking I just didn’t do enough. But, I was a stay-at-home mom, for heaven’s sake, and I didn’t spend my life in a closet. I was always with them and always there for them. But the guilt still abounds…. And what you said is SO true – they know I love them – with no boundaries.

    • I think it must be built-in. It’s that Mommy Guilt thing. And it’s also so easy to look at what you think other moms are doing and say, “Wow. I don’t do THAT” without thinking about all the things we DO.

  5. OH! It IS so refreshing to know that I’m not alone. There are some days where playing the role of ‘supermom’ comes easily, but others… I just want to run and find a hidey-hole somewhere where no one would even think to look for me. lol

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