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Lovecraftian. Absolute Write October Blog Chain

It’s my turn in the Absolute Write Blog Chain again. In honor of Halloween, this month’s prompt is: Some Things Dark and Dangerous.

Choose a word from this list of Lovecraftian words or this list of obscure words (or one from both if you’re feeling ambitious). Use your chosen word(s) to craft your post. It doesn’t have to be Lovecraftian or even horror, but it should be dark, or unsettling, or scary, or Halloweenish in general.

Warning to those who may not expect this sort of thing from me: This is steamy, but it is safe for work.

The Lovecraftian word I’ve chosen: Blasphemous


Juniper dipped her pinky finger into the tube of micro-glitter then dabbed at the corners of her eyelids. Just a little. The desired effect was ethereal, not disco. She pursed her lips and tilted her face, inspecting it from all angles in her vanity mirror.



She glanced down at her chest and gave herself a little tweak. She wanted to look aroused when she answered the door.  Sam would be here any minute. She had turned her porch light off so as not to attract any trick-or-treaters. Though most of them would be traipsing around with their little pumpkins in the historic district across town. The Victorian houses meant old money. And the best candy.

She had her own tricks and treats planned for the evening.

She flitted across the hardwood floors in response to the chimes, the nearly transparent fabric of her white slip dress trailing behind her. As she pulled open the door, a gust of air blew a single white feather from her wings to the ground.

Sam plucked the feather from her cherry floor and tucked it behind Juniper’s ear. “What. No Halo?”

Juniper spun on the balls of her bare feet and skipped part-way down the hall. She looked over her shoulder at Sam. He was still standing in the doorway, arms nearly bursting through his black t-shirt, biting the corner of his lip. Just the way he had that morning she’d first bumped into him, lurking in the shadows of the cathedral downtown. It was the dead sexiest look she’d ever seen. She wanted to press him against the walls then. Something about him was so…aluring.

“No panties either,” she said and scampered the rest of the way into the living room. She dimmed the overhead light and struck a match to light the mountain of vanilla-scented candles she’d set up on the fireplace hearth. Mood  lighting.

She heard Sam’s footsteps coming down the hallway. Each one measured and slow. A wave of hot anticipation washed through her. She spun around in time to see Sam enter the living room. She made a show of blowing out the match, hoping her lips looked seductive. The way they did in lipstick commercials.

She cat-walked the distance between them, keeping her gaze locked on Sam’s eyes with each step. She could be deliberate too. She hoped he was enjoying what he saw.”What do you think?”

“Utterly blasphemous.”

Juniper felt the heat rise within her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his, gasping as he pulled her closer.

“You taste like candy corn.” She giggled.

“With good reason,” he said. He pulled a plastic package of the treats from his pocket. It crinkled as he reached inside, grasping one between his thumb and forefinger. He held it out to her. “Would you like one?”

“Trick or treat.” Juniper parted her lips and closed her eyes as Sam rested the candy on her tongue. But the waxy nugget wasn’t as sweet as she had been expecting. She squinted at Sam as she chewed, trying to figure out exactly what it did taste like. It was almost. Soapy.

“What is–” But she felt her knees give out before she could finish asking.

Sam caught her before she could fall to the ground. He placed one finger over her lips. “Shh. That’s of no concern to you.” He said it like he already knew how she’d finish her question. He cradled her in his arms and carried her to the fireplace. He rested her against the hearth, the heat from the candle flames singeing the hair on her arms. Her limp body unable to scoot away.

She opened her mouth to speak, but the words were captive in her throat.

“You have sinned, Juniper,” Sam said, crouching to stroke her hair. Almost lovingly. “And for that you are to be punished.” He plucked a fistful of feathers from the wings of her costume and snickered. He dragged them across her face, down every inch of her body, to the tips of her opalescent toenails. Juniper shivered, yet it was heat rushing through her body in response to his touch.

“Even now, in the hour of your death,” Sam said, “Your thoughts are unclean.”

Juniper’s eyes widened. The only movement her body could make, in both disbelief and protest.

“It is of no use now.” Sam tipped a single candle to the ground, igniting the rug in front of the fireplace. “I am Samael. And your punishment is carried out thus.”

He tossed the feathers into the air over her head and retreated from the living room. They floated down, bursting into flame as they reached the heat of the candles. Sam’s footsteps echoed down the hallway, the last sound Juniper heard was the latch on her door.


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26 thoughts on “Lovecraftian. Absolute Write October Blog Chain

  1. Freaky! I’ve never read anything of yours, and this was so good!! I’m impressed with anyone who can do short stories/flash fiction. 🙂

    • Thanks! You know, I never really wrote any shorts/flash fic until I started doing this chain w/ AW. I feel like they’re improving my writing (hopefully others who have read my past entries could say that’s true 🙂 ). The other great thing is two of the past entries have inspired my current WIP. The posts don’t appear exactly as they are in my novel, but they did get me thinking about it. Fun stuff. You should join :).

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