How Shakespearean Are You? (and ROW80 Sunday Check-In)

Movie poster from IMDB


In honor of the upcoming movie Anonymous, and because I can’t just do an ROW80 Check-In without adding in a little fun, today’s internet time waster is: How Shakespearean Are You?  Click the link, submit a writing sample in the field provided on the site, and find out how Shakespearean you are. I am, apparently, 76% Shakespearean.

As far as my ROW80 Goals:

Wanna know the problem with making a “write everyday goal” instead of a “write X words per day goal”? When you miss a day, you can’t make it up. It’s just gone. If you say you will write 500 words per day, and you fall short, you can always make up for it the next day to get back on track for the week. Not the case with what my goal actually is: write in my WIP every day. After a great start, I added zero words on Thursday.

I have written my review for The YA Curator, which will post on Wednesday. So it does feel good to have that off my list for the week.

So. Eh. The end of the week was not as good as the beginning. But I’m not going to sweat it. Nothing I can do about it now. Onward I go.


How did the other ROW80 participants do this week? How Shakespearean are you? Will you go see Anonymous when it comes out in theaters?





14 thoughts on “How Shakespearean Are You? (and ROW80 Sunday Check-In)

  1. OMG, I’m in love with your Shakespeare game. Here are my results:

    “Your English is 90 percent Shakespearean.
    Do you live at the Rose Theatre?”

    Thanks for the fun link 🙂


  2. I didn’t take the quiz, but methinks I’m not all that Shakespearean.

    Good point about the “write every day” thing. ROW is all about adjusting our goals as we go. I’m so glad of that.

    Sounds like you’re definitely doing well overall. Keep it up.

    Hope you have a wonderful, productive week.


  3. What a cool twist to your check-in! love the Shakespeare game I also got 90% like Gina! hehe 🙂 Good luck with your goals for the following week! 😉

  4. I’ll try that Shakespearean thing later 🙂 I am looking forward to the movie.

    Well, you could always change you writing goal to writing for a certain length of time each day. That way if you miss a day you have a time amount you can make up.

    Good luck with the upcoming week Erin!

  5. 93% Shakespearean. Fun 🙂 I’m impressed with your writing goal of everyday. I don’t know how you do it in the morning when the kids are up (or do you do it before they wake up??). I have to have at least 33% of mine down for a nap so I can have some brainpower not dedicated to: Mom! Mom! Mommy??? Mommmmmeeeeee???!!!!!

    • Well, on days my son is in preschool and the weather is great, the twins and I go outside to play. They usually occupy themselves in the sandbox so I can sit at the patio table and write while they play. I have to step in occasionally but they are pretty independent. Of course, with cold weather coming, we’ll see how I have to adjust. Then in the afternoon when the twins nap, I can usually squeeze some wordage in too (though you’d be surprised. Right now my 1 almost-3-y/o demands my attention far more often than my 2 almost-2-y/o’s)

      And look at you and your Shakespearean English. Nice job!

  6. I was feeling good about getting “Your English is 81 percent Shakespearean. The waters of the Avon almost lap at your feet.” Then I saw Katie’s 93%. I’m jealous! 🙂

    I hadn’t heard about Anonymous, but I definitely want to see it. I’m aware of various theories about the true identity of Shakespeare.

    As to your progress, one of my non-writing goals is to exercise 5 days a week. I made 4 of 5, so I called it a success. Without ROW80 goals, it would have been 0 of 5!

    • I really love any movie involving Shakespeare, so Anonymous is right up my alley (Shakespeare in Love is one of my all time fave’s). The history and scandal surrounding him is very intriguing.

      And true, 6 out of 7 days of writing isn’t bad :). Good job on your exercise goals. I should probably add that too…at the moment I just pretend exercise is something only “other” people have to do. Then I poke my belly of jelly and sigh.

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