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Reading High

Don’t you just love a book you can drink in? Like wine. As you’re poring over the pages (not pouring, though the homophone is appropriate in my analogy), it’s like the words are flowing into a goblet. And as you flip pages, it’s like you’re swirling the wine in the glass. You hold it to your nose and sniff. All the way to the dirt. And you pick up those little notes of vanilla. Or cinnamon. The author didn’t tell you they were there. But they were. Then you drink from the goblet and let each word rest on your palate, savoring the taste of the berries. Maybe even a bit of pepper. And as you swallow it all down, you’re warmed inside. Your cheeks get all rosy. And you might be, just a little, tipsy on words. Those beautiful words. That brought you to tears. Or laughter. Or made you fall in love.

I’ve just read a book that made me feel like that. If you’ve been reading my blog the last few weeks, or if you’ve known me at all, ever, you know I’m a reader. I read and read and read. There aren’t many books I don’t like, even books that aren’t critically acclaimed I can usually appreciate for the value of the story itself. But sometimes when you come up on one so awesome, you just want to tell everyone you know about it. And I do. I tell my friends. I email my sister. I go on my parenting message board and tell all the moms I know. I post about it on Facebook and Twitter. And not necessarily to “market” a book for an author. Or to kiss up. But because I feel that joy should be shared. Also like wine. So, grab a goblet and let me pour you a little (if you’re pregnant, or underage, or you don’ t drink by choice–I’ve got some really great, rich, gourmet hot chocolate for you instead).

The book I can’t stop gushing about lately is The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. I bought the book in paperback, so I know I’m not on the front end of this train. But, if you  haven’t read it. Do. Now. Please. And then come sit in the garden with me and sigh contentedly while we listen to classical music. It’s beautiful and lovely, and sad and happy at the same time.


Since it’s Wednesday, it’s also ROW80 check-in.

  • On Sunday I reported that I’d failed my goal of writing everyday, because I missed a day. This goal needs to be reevaluated and quantified somehow, I just haven’t done that yet. Mostly because I’ve been busy with real life stuff. So between Sunday and today I did get back on track to write everyday, but that’s about all I had time for.
  • Another of my goals was to read a lot of great YA, for both study and pleasure. As you can see above, I’m still in the afterglow of finishing The Sky Is Everywhere.
  • Writing routine update: Nighttime is definitely the most consistent span of time I have to write, even though it’s not necessarily my best brain time. But, I find if I can “think through” my scenes during the day and jot down lines and ideas, I can piece them together more thoroughly at night. I’d love to get more morning/daytime writing in, but it’s so hard to guarantee a schedule during those hours because of the kids. But bedtime every night for them is static, so that’s really my best window of writing opportunity.
  • Connecting more with other writers: Still a struggle to get to as many blogs as I’d like, but I am making an effort. There are just so many of you and not enough hours in the day.
I think that’s it. How did the other participants do this week?

8 thoughts on “Reading High

  1. It’s good to hear you jumped back on the wagon and got some writing in every day. Finding a writing routine that works (with real life) is a tough cookie to crumble. The best time to write for me is at night as well but it’s not the best writing (and my energy level is shot). I schedule writing time at night but I try to get my targets done when I can during the early morning/day. Sometimes I can get it done before my nightly writing times, other times I can’t. If I can’t, then I can use my nightly writing time to finish up. Just work with what time you have. It may not be the best but at least it’s time.

  2. I completely relate Erin, as you know I have 4 of the darlings if a bit older 🙂 And that’s why I get up early to write because my afternoons/evenings are tied up with homework, etc. Sadly, bedtime hasn’t been static for awhile except for the youngest beastie.

    Glad you got back on track with your daily writing and that books sounds great. Good luck with the upcoming week!

  3. I have neither read nor heard of The Sky Is Everywhere but I will add it to my list based on your recommendation.

    There are a TON of blogs, good blogs, wonderful blogs, out there. I go in spurts and I do love my Google reader to pieces.

    Good luck with the goals. It’s nice to feel no guilt tweaking when you need to rebalance.

  4. Great news about getting back in the swing of things. I think we all understand life and how it gets in the way of writing. I’m happy to read you’re not beating yourself up over not meeting your goals by one day. It is what it is. As long as you keep sight of your long-term goals and keep focused, that’s all that matters in the end.

    I will have to read The Sky is Everywhere based on your recommendation. Currently, I’m reading a dystopian by Gemma Malley called The Declaration. It’s interesting. Very interesting. I’ll have to keep you posted as to whether I recommend it for others to read.

  5. I have never read, never heard of it. So I guess you’re adding a few more inches to my 3-foot tall TBR pile! After that review, I must pick it up!

    As to ROW80, um, I just realized reading your update that yesterday was Wednesday. I’m so off kelter. I think I did stuff this week to report on. But the first thing I have to edit this morning is my son’s language arts homework. Ah, parenthood.

    • I’ve debated going back down to just one check-in, like I did last time (unofficially, but I did). It’s a lot to do w/ a regular blogging and writing schedule to begin with. Or maybe I’ll just make a quick check-in page instead of figuring out how to make a whole post around me saying, “Yes. I wrote.” LOL :).

      Yes, parenthood, real life, and all that jazz :).

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