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Halloween Reflections

It’s interesting to see how Halloween has evolved for my little family. Starting with my oldest son’s very first experience. That year some coworkers had purchased a tiger costume for him as a gift. It was an inside joke in my office that my first-born was to be called Little Tiger.

And while the costume was certainly adorable, I had this crazy urge that in order to be a “good” mother, I “had to” make his costume. My mother had made all of my costumes when I was a kid. I’m a creative person, I knew I could do something. Though, I cannot sew anything more than a button. Still, with some felt, footie pajamas and a hot glue gun, I think I was able to come up with something cute. So that year he wore two costumes. Tiger by day. Alligator by night.

That Halloween I felt accomplished. I had honored my coworkers and our joke. And I got to make my son a costume. Perfect. Surely this was a feat that could be repeated over and over again. Right?

Cut to: Next Halloween. I am monstrously pregnant with twins AND I have a broken arm. But I still refuse to buy a completely store-bought/packaged Halloween costume. But I need to take it easy so we do a button-up shirt, red bandana, and a cowboy hat and call it a costume. Not super original, but all in all it cost me about $4 in accessories to “make” the costume.

The following year. My twins are here and ready to celebrate their first Halloween. And my gosh, I have the BEST idea EVER. Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Could there be a more perfect boy/girl twin Halloween costume? Well…if you ask them:

My oldest son wanted to be a robot. It was a quick and definitive decision on his part. He was obsessed with robots, therefore no other option existed. And since we had an abundance of cardboard boxes around (we’d just moved into a new house 2 weeks before), that costume was a well-timed piece of cake. Some silver paint and glitter foam and we’ve got ourselves a robot. He wore this costume for months after just to play. That’s how you know it was a good one.

Which brings us to this year. The year where my son is almost four and clearly has a mind of his own. At this point in time I still want to make costumes for the kids. But my son can’t decide what he wants to be.  A robot. A puppy dog.  A robot puppy dog. A firefighter. A dump truck. A dinosaur crane digger with a claw and wheels. A superhero. And on and on and on. Until I’m ready to pull out my hair and just make the next darn costume idea that comes from his mouth.

Then, we go to Target. We pass the costume aisle on our journey from the grocery section to the home decor section. He spots the airplane costume. And there is suddenly no other costume in the entire world he wants. Not anything else in the store. Not anything I can make. It sort of kills me to buy this costume. But then, sitting a few shelves down are matching cowboy and cowgirl costumes. Five seconds and $70 later, I have Halloween sorted. Fate, right? I must admit, it was easy and stress free to just buy those costumes. And. Well. Who could argue with this:

Ultimately, whether or not I made the costumes, the kids look pretty darn cute…and happy. And that’s all that matters! I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. And that you managed to watch out for all that poisonous candy.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Reflections

  1. Yes, we started out very ambitiously with Halloween costumes. Thankfully, Grandma sews, so my children were spared the horror of wearing anything I had stitched. But after a few years, I found myself standing in Party City at the costume wall and saying to my boys, “Pick out what you want.” If one of them said, “I want to be a Transformer,” I’d say, “Is that costume here?” Still, I love looking back at the photos of my little boy lion, cowboy and cow, and Batman and Robin (all homemade).

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