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They Like Me. They Really Like Me.

Blogging is an interesting thing. Like other writing–it’s solitary. Just me and my computer as I put together my posts. But after I post, blogging is the opposite of solitary. It becomes social. My little post goes out into the world and you all can leave me comments. Conversations open, future blog posts are inspired, I get to know people I’ve never met in person but somehow connected with through the internet. It’s pretty cool actually.

A few of these lovely people have nominated me for blog awards. Which is really just the coolest thing–there are people out there who appreciate my brand of crazy and they’ve felt the need to publicly say so. Thanks, everyone!

Here are the honors I have received:

Sharon Howard awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award:

Julie Glover awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award and tagged me in the Writer’s Platform Building Campaign:








And Raelyn Barclay awarded me the 7×7 Link Award:








That is a whole lot of blog love. Come on. Group hug. *Gives noogies to all those knuckle heads*

Thank you SO much, ladies. It has been so fun to get to know you all through blogging and Twitter. I’ve learned a lot from all of you.

Now, with these awards come a lot of responsibility.

List ten random facts about yourself. 

1.) When I was little, I hated my name. I wanted it to be Jessica, based on my favorite character from the Sweet Valley Twins books. (I also went through a stage where I wanted it to be Asia, because I thought it sounded cool).

2.) If left on a desert island and I could only have one tool, I think I’d want a sharp stick. There are so many uses for a stick like that. It could be used for a spear to catch fish. It could be a walking stick for hiking unstable ground. I could tie the shirt on my back to it and wave it at planes flying overhead (and if the flag didn’t get their attention, the fact that I’d be topless might). I could entertain myself by using it to draw pictures in the sand. I could even write stories in the sand. Or an S.O.S. message. A stick would be really useful. Also, since it’s sharp, I could use it to impale the island’s zombies. A gun is better for killing zombies, but I’m on a desert island, so I’d quickly run out of bullets.

3.) I hate most condiments, but especially ranch dressing and sour cream.

4.) I still have a crush on Brad Pitt. If my husband would allow it, I’d get this picture in poster size and hang it in my bedroom:

5.) Wow. I’m  having a hard time coming up with a number five. Maybe because Brad’s abs are distracting me. Stop it, Brad. Bad boy. Oh yeah, you’re a bad boy. You naughty, naughty thing you. Erm. I mean. Moving on.

6.) I love Broadway musicals. My faves so far have been Wicked and Mary Poppins. I saw Les Mis and I know it’s total Broadway Blasphemy to say it didn’t blow me away the way I thought it would. Maybe it was an off night? Or maybe my expectations were too high? Who knows.

7.) When I was born, I was the 4,415,675,566th person alive on Earth and the 78,983,513,554th person to have lived since history began. Neat, huh? Find out where you fit in:

8.) I found my first gray hair when I was 24. I thought that single hair was so depressing. It’s sprouted a few friends since then.

9.) I’m allergic to cats. And there’s this small, neurotic part of me that feels I can’t really be a writer unless I get a cat. Doesn’t it seem like all writers have cats? What’s up with writers and cats?

10.) I’d like to learn how to tap dance. At this stage in my life it would be a pretty useless skill. But still. It would be fun. And then I could go to parties and entertain people with the cadence of my tapping feet. I bet the party hosts would really like that.

I’m also charged to fill up a list of seven specific blog posts.

  • Most Beautiful: On Having Twins–Because they are two of the three most beautiful things in my life.
  • Most Helpful: What Do You Expect From Your Beta Readers?–I wrote this post the first time I ever beta read a book for a friend. It was helpful to me, but the comments are very helpful for my readers. Great discussion.
  • Most Popular: Confessions of Real Mothers–The title says it all. Seems many fellow mothers could relate to this one.
  • Most Controversial: Burlesque, Boylesque, and Vaudeville. Oh my!–The interview wasn’t controversial, but it was about a burlesque dancer, which raised some eyebrows. I loved it though. Makes me want to throw glitter in the air and dance.
  • Most Successful: What A Writer Can Learn From A Rock Star–this post received the most hits for a single blog post of mine, it also sparked a few other blog posts and I’ve gotten to know some cool people from it. I’m still in love with that post.
  • Most Underrated:What A Writer Can Learn From Project Runway–Huh, I thought it was a good post. Who knows.
  • Most Pride-worthy: A Love Letter to My Favorite Black Shirt–Pride-worthy because the post was about an ego boosting moment in my life. But also pride worthy because it was the first time I’d witnessed multiple shares of my own post on Facebook and friends of my friends related to it. Pretty cool, gotta say.

The mission to give these awards out to new people.

Here’s the deal, though. Combined, these awards require me to find about 50 people.  And while I could probably hunt down fifty bloggers, I’m going to flip this around. If you’re reading this blog, right now, I’m giving YOU these awards. Because readers are really why I do this. I love the comments you all leave–here, or on Facebook or Twitter. I love the feeling that there are people out there reading what I write and liking it. That’s why I’m on this writing journey to begin with.

To accept this award, you could do your own blog post by listing facts about yourself. Or, you could leave me a random fact about yourself in the comments here. Or tell me what your birth number is in the world population.

Thanks again, Sharon, Julie, and Raelyn!


7 thoughts on “They Like Me. They Really Like Me.

  1. Congrats girlie! I’m a loyal fan and can only aspire to be like you when I grow up. lol. Seriously though, no matter how corny and cliche it may be, you give me a little inspiration when it comes to writing. Thanks for that. Keep doing what you do 😉

  2. You’re quite welcome. I love reading your blog! Of course, it was a little hard to finish this particular post when I got to the Brad abs. My scroll button stalled for some reason. Um, anyway…

    I TOTALLY want to learn how to tap dance. It’s on my bucket list, and I even bought the tap shoes! Wouldn’t you think I would have enrolled in a class after buying the shoes? But not yet. Maybe someday we’ll cross paths on our book tours and entertain audiences with our wonderful writing and terrific tapping! 😉

    Oh yeah, and I have four cats – two inside and two outside. Only one black cat though, and I write mysteries.

    • Ooooh, that would be awesome. If we ever get publishing contracts we will have to put in a stipulation, “I require a dance floor at all book signings.” Then we will plug in an iPod to a speaker dock and tap. A book signing and a show, now that’s bang for your buck.

  3. Congrats, you’re welcome, and I won’t be tagging myself 🙂

    Love your list. I’m not a huge Brad fan but sweet picture. I took tap as a kid (ballet too) and I couldn’t do a step now to save my life, LOL. I have belly dancing on my bucket list.

    Especially if you want your hubby to touch you again! Seeing that poster while attempting to engage in coitus could prove damaging!

  5. Thanks for sharing that link about my ordinal spot on the world population. I’m the 4,703,272,945th person alive on Earth and 79,440,550,859th person to have lived since history began. It is pretty neat. 🙂

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