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The Apple Pie Conundrum

I had visitors at my house over the weekend. My dad, step-mom, and grandma came for a night. They arrived on Saturday evening and played with the kids a bit before bedtime, then the adults settled down for a late evening meal. This begins the Apple Pie Conundrum. Here is the course of events:

Saturday Evening

Dad: It’s too bad the kids went to bed before they could have any apple pie. I think I’ll feed them some for breakfast. (Dad grabs the can of Reddi-Wip Whipped Cream) And I’m going to take this can of whipped cream and squirt it in their mouths to give them a taste. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Me: Yeah. Go for it (Parenting reason: 1.) Dang. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome breakfast?? 2.) When your dad lives so far away and only sees his grandkids a few times a year, you let the man spoil the children any way he wants. Capiche?).

Sunday Morning

Son: Mommy, what’s for breakfast?

Me: I think grandpa has something for you.

Dad: (takes out can of whipped cream) Do you want a taste?

Son: Yeah! Yeah! (gets taste of whipped cream, is not as pleased as you might imagine)

I plate up some apple pie for everyone and put whipped cream on top of each slice. Son will NOT eat it. Not even one little bite.

Son: I don’t like it.

The plate sits untouched for most of the morning until my husband decides he’s just going to eat it himself. What a let down. I mean, what almost-4-year-old in his right mind refuses apple pie for breakfast? Weirdo.

My dad, step-mom, and grandma all have to leave around lunchtime so they can drive back to Michigan. We are a little sad, but will see them in a few weeks for Christmas.

Sunday Evening

There is one slice of apple pie left. I didn’t get any that morning, so I claim it as mine. I load it up with whipped cream. I sit down to eat the pie.

Son: Can I have some pie?

Me: I thought you didn’t like it?


Me: OK (loads a fork with a bite of pie and feeds to son, expecting he will still not like it)


I resign to giving my son most of my slice of pie. I do manage to get a few bites of my own, but mostly he ate it.

That’s the Apple Pie Conundrum: Why does my child refuse to eat anything, until it is on MY plate? Even pie. For breakfast. It’s an issue as deep and mysterious as why food from the floor seems to taste better to than the same food from the table.


You’d think I’d be skinnier as this is not the first time my food has been given away to the vultures (a.k.a. my children). That is also a mystery that will never be solved, I suppose.

7 thoughts on “The Apple Pie Conundrum

    • I think he may have refused it because we are currently in an “I only eat cereal” phase. Unless I’m eating it, of course. Though this phenomena does not apply to vegetables, I’ve noticed. Cuz if that would work, I’d do it :).

  1. My kids simply don’t like apple pie. Period. I was so disappointed whenI served them each a big piece last Thanksgiving, with loads of whipped cream, only to have them turn their nose up at it. No apple pie this year for them! Of course, at least one of them might also decide they like it when it’s on my plate. Then we will have real problems!
    Lovely post, thanks for sharing!

  2. We moms will also give up just about anything from our plates to see our children well-fed and satisfied. Not long ago, I was really looking forward to a juicy grilled steak, but the kid who usually won’t eat steak, did. I scrambled together something less appetizing.

    Maybe this is why all of those NFL linebackers wave and say “hi mom” to the camera. They got so big from their mommas letting have them the food off their plates and want to finally thank them.

  3. oh, dear. i was going to make a joke that my boyfriend does the same thing, then maybe realized i do it to him, too.

    so the trick might be to next time, load up your plate with veggies… and then eat the pie when he’s nice and full 😉

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