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Life After Freshly Pressed

Notice the other tab open, "How To Take a Screenshot". I am so tech savvy.

It’s kind of like a hangover.

You wake up the next morning. You’re pretty sure you ate pizza…in your car. You had some wine (not in your car…and after the pizza…just so you don’t think I’m going all DUI here). You stayed up through the wee hours of the morning, basking in your awesomeness. But now you’re kind of tired. And a bit shy. Because now there are more people.

Hi, people!

It’s also like stage fright. Now I’ve got to be funny. Like. All the time.

Just so you know, I’m picturing you all in your underwear. It’s the only way I’ll get through. Some of you have some interesting taste in skivvies. I won’t tell. Don’t worry. Even that guy in the leopard print thong. Hey. Whatever floats  your boat, man. Whatever floats your boat.

I’m not sure who I thank for the wonderful surprise and honor yesterday. But whoever that person is, THANK YOU! Thanks to everyone who has decided to follow me further. Let’s ride this crazy train.

27 thoughts on “Life After Freshly Pressed

    • You are! And I really, really appreciate it!!

      And to be honest: First I called my husband at work to ask him how to take a screenshot, but he didn’t answer. Then I turned to Google. I suppose I could have Googled first. But that would have been the smart thing to do :).

  1. As long as you’re picturing us all in our sexy underwear, k? Not the grandma panties…

    Congrats — I’m a new follower, and I can’t wait to read more. As long as you’re super funny, that is. But no pressure…


  2. This perfectly describes why sometimes I get scared that, through some WordPress mistake, I will someday get Freshly Pressed.

    But your blog is awesome and it was clearly no mistake that you got featured 🙂 I’m excited to read more!

  3. good for you! that post was very funny. and i love that you had to look up how to take a screenshot. hahaha!

    you must have been with us last night. we had pizza and wine. it was actually champagne… yeah, we’re SO classy. all class, actually!

    • Um, I ADORE champagne. Any time is a good time for champagne.

      There’s sort of a melodramatic story where I got in an argument with my husband (then boyfriend) because he didn’t want to “talk about marriage.” So I refused to call him for 2 days while I stayed at home watching Americas Next Top Model, eating ice cream straight from the carton, and drinking my OWN bottle of champagne. Talk about classy.

      He proposed 2 weeks later (had it planned, didn’t want to ruin the surprise). Boy did I feel silly. 🙂

  4. Girl, I’m so glad you got FreshlyPressed so that I could stumble upon your wonderful writing. I HATE stepping on legos in barefeet. Especially when I’m in my underwear. Can’t wait to read more. Funny or not funny, I’m in.

  5. I am so excited for you, Erin! I’m only a little familiar with your blog but I like what I’ve seen so far (as I know you know :)). Congrats! (You’d probably be much better off NOT picturing me in my undergarments–I get scared.)

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