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Santa Doesn’t Like Bad Cookies

I know, I know, Christmas is all I’m talking about lately. But, dudes. It’s that time of year. And since I’m so full of helpful and festive ideas, I thought I’d add a few more. Because it’s very important to keep Santa happy. And to keep Santa happy, you need to feed him good cookies. Santa doesn’t like bad cookies.

Santa’s 5 Favorite Christmas Cookies

1. Peanut Butter Blossoms

Photo from AptsForRent on Photobucket

These cookies pack a double punch. Not only are they delicious, they are also very important in Santa Nutrition. You see, they have peanut butter in them. Which is protein. Which Santa needs for his long night of work. The chocolate kiss on top will give him a quick burst of sugary-carbo-energy and the peanut butter protein will sustain him after that. Don’t be selfish. Make sure you fuel the man for bringing joy to the entire world. Or, you know, his duty of wrapping presents through the wee hours of the morning because he was too lazy unorganized busy to wrap them before Christmas Eve.

2. My Grandma’s Ginger Snaps

Photo from hercampusphoto on Photobucket

My grandma makes the best ginger snaps ever. And don’t try to tell me YOUR grandma does. Because I don’t believe you. And neither does Santa. So that’s why I give him at least one–or three–on Christmas Eve.  (OK, OK, so your grandma’s recipe is pretty good. You should share yours with Santa too)

3. Decorated Sugar Cookies

Image from revelation1025 on Photobucket

Why? Because if you don’t like these, you hate Christmas. Do you want lumps of coal in your/your children’s stockings? I didn’t think so. Plus, sometimes Santa gets a little melancholy on Christmas thinking of those who aren’t there to celebrate with him anymore. And looking at these–especially if they were decorated with children–makes him happy again. We like a happy Santa.

4. Corn Flake Wreaths

Photo from runesinger on Photobucket

When else can Santa enjoy ooey-goey marshmallowy, artificially-colored, wreath-shaped, corn flakes? Never. Because Mrs. Claus refuses to make them at any other time of year. She says it takes away from other holidays to make them when it’s not Christmas. So Santa needs to eat as many as possible on Christmas Eve. Don’t disappoint the man.

5. Classic Chocolate Chip

Photo from claudiewilliams on Photobucket

These are Santa’s favorite cookies of all time. So what if he can get them any old day of the year? There is never an inappropriate time for a chocolate chip cookie. So toss a few on the plate. Maybe one for Rudolph too. Reindeer like chocolate chip cookies.*

Santa works hard all year, but especially on Christmas Eve. Help keep him jolly and his belly like a bowl of jelly by feeding him his favorite cookies. (Don’t worry, just like everyone else, Santa has a New Year’s resolution to lose 15 pounds)

*Only magical reindeer like chocolate chip cookies. Please don’t feed any to normal reindeer. They might get sick. And that would be bad. 


9 thoughts on “Santa Doesn’t Like Bad Cookies

  1. I love the sound of that peanut butter cookie! Santa’s a lucky lucky old man to be fed these many different types of cookies all in one day! And we know the elves are actually helping him with the Christmas present wrapping and stuff 😉

    I’d be pretty jolly too if I came across such lovely cookies throughout the night..hehehe

    • Exactly. That’s why he needs so many cookies. For the elves. And the reindeer. And Mrs. Claus. Santa’s very good at sharing. Um…yeah…very good at sharing :). (And the PB cookies are to die for)

  2. Those peanut butter cookies are my holiday speciality! Everything else looks quite nom-tastic, though….although I’m also kind of stuck on the wreaths. But hey, who am I to question Santa’s taste in snacks?

  3. I make the peanut butter ones, too, but I have a friend who takes it up another peanuttery notch by using a mini Reese’s cup in the center, instead of a kiss. It’s almost too much….but it’s SO not. Yum!

  4. For someone who loves peanut butter and loves chocolate BUT can not stand, on pain of bamboo shoots shoved under my fingernails, the two mixed together…Santa ain’t gonna find that cookie at my house. He will however find Butter Tarts which have currents in them (little like raisins) so he’s getting the fruit part of the pyramid 🙂

    Oh, and my boys asked Santa one year what they should leave out for the reindeer — After all, aren’t they doing most of the work flying and leading the sleigh? — and he told them the reindeer LOVE it when children leave out some carrots and oats (dried oatmeal is great if its the old fashioned not instant kind). Though I suppose if you made oatmeal cookies the reindeer would go for those 🙂

    BTW, Santa and the Elves don’t have time to wrap presents, that’s a Hollywood thing. Santa fills the stockings and leaves one main gift at our house.

    Loving all your Christmas posts Erin!

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