Birthday Party for Zoobie (Or: Mommy Might Be a Wee Bit Crazy)

This could alternatively be titled:

“How to Make Your Four-Year-Old Insanely Happy”


“Living in the Extravagant Lane”


“My Husband Thinks I’m Nuts, but at Least He Goes With It”


“I’ll Do Anything for an Excuse to Eat Cupcakes”

Take your pick.

So, my son woke up on Sunday morning, carried his teddy bear to me, and said, “Mommy. It’s Zoobie’s birthday today.” (Zoobie is his teddy bear. In case you couldn’t tell)

First, I made sure to say, “Happy Birthday, Zoobie!” as enthusiastically as possible. Because that is obviously the proper thing to do when you learn it is someone’s birthday.

My son said, “Are you going to give him a present?”

I said, “What does Zoobie want?”

My son thought for a second. Looked on the ground to see his shirt from the day before (no, I don’t just let laundry sit around on the floor…OK, yes I do), and said, “He wants a robot shirt.”

This is actually a decent gift for Zoobie because in my son’s clothing development, Zoobie has always been along for the ride. When my son realized Zoobie didn’t have any clothes–especially on his bottom half–he made me put a diaper on Zoobie. At the time we were using disposable diapers. Then we switched to cloth diapers and Zoobie also had to make the switch. When my son potty trained, Zoobie graduated to underwear too.

Somehow the last few months, the underwear fell off Zoobie and he’s been bottomless again. But that’s OK. Bears are allowed to be naked.

So, knowing all of that about my son and Zoobie, I wasn’t surprised to learn clothes were the desired gift. We then fed Zoobie some imaginary fish for breakfast and that was about it.

Well, I had some errands to run and lo and behold, a robot shirt was on clearance at the store. The SAME robot shirt my son has. Well, if that wasn’t fate, I don’t know what is. So I bought the shirt, and some party hats, and some mini-cupcakes, and put on a full fledged birthday party. Did I mention the cupcakes were chocolate? With chocolate buttercream frosting? And SPRINKLES? Yeah.

Teddy Bear Birthday Party

Getting Ready To Sing

Blowing Out the Candles

Opening the Present

Matching Shirts

Maybe we could have cleaned up my son's face first, Those cupcakes were good! And chocolate. Did I say that?

Happy Birthday, Zoobie!


21 thoughts on “Birthday Party for Zoobie (Or: Mommy Might Be a Wee Bit Crazy)

  1. This is beautiful. I love those moments when the stars align to allow a fun, unexpected and spontaneous surprise for the kiddos.

    Plus your child thinks you’re the Coolest. Mommy. Ever.

    And there’s nothing wrong with that, considering we’ll be “She who shan’t be named” in just a few more years.”

    • Thanks, Raelyn. It’s fun when things work out like that (though I won’t be throwing a b-day party for ALL the stuffed animals, that would be A LOT crazy instead of a wee bit πŸ™‚ ). I hope he remembers it.

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