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You Won’t Miss the Meat!

Image by whitneyinchicago on Flickr

Just a quick random thought for a Friday.

Occasionally I try to do something crazy, like make a vegetarian meal for my family. It’s risky. Vegetables in general are when you’re serving 2 toddlers and a preschooler. My son has gotten to the point where if there is even a speck of green on his plate, he won’t touch a single thing. Which leads to many nights of him not eating dinner at all (because mommy is NOT a short order cook). Once in a blue moon he decides he likes broccoli, and then I feed it to him by the plateful hoping the nutrients will somehow stock up. Like he’s got a bomb shelter of stored vegetables in there somewhere.

Anyway, every time I browse through recipe sites for new things to try, I cringe when I read the statement, “So good, you won’t miss the meat!”

I get why a recipe writer may make such a statement (or a recipe reviewer, marketing department for a food company, etc.). They are trying to appeal to us meat and potato lovers, get us to try something new.

Here’s the thing.

Every time I make a recipe like that, I test the statement.

*Bite* Do I miss the meat yet?

*Bite* How about now?

*Bite* Now?

*Bite* Yeah, this could use some chicken or something. 

If no one planted the seed in my head that I was supposed to be comparing the dish to meat, I’d probably enjoy it more. Appreciate the beans for beans and vegetables for vegetables, not testing to see if they’d satisfy me like steak. Because,  unless you’re an honest-to-God vegetarian, nothing satisfies like steak.

That’s all.

Off to browse more soup recipes. Anyone have a good one?


5 thoughts on “You Won’t Miss the Meat!

  1. I only don’t miss the meat if it’s a dish that has been fried. Seriously, though, I dated a vegetarian for a while in college, and I must say that tofu is no substitute for beef. Thank goodness I married a meat-eater!

    P.S. My tween hasn’t touched a green vegetable in years. He’s still alive!

  2. From that line in the recipe, I’m pretty sure the author already missed the meat.
    I like:
    Mushroom Barley soup (often with beef added)
    Potato Leek
    Tofu and any other vegetables lying around in a broth of tomato paste and coconut milk

  3. LOL, I hear you Erin. Lasagna is about the only meatless dish my guys will eat. If I’m using a store pasta sauce I’ll add bulgur to it to bulk it up a bit but generally I make my own sauce with lots of chunky veggies. (I even sneak in spinach if you can believe it!) I think it is all that yummy cheese 🙂

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