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Pinterest Is Brilliant. I Think.

I have found it.

The greatest time suck known to man (or, actually, mostly to women it seems).

You look for the things. You like the things. You pin the things with a handy button installed on your bookmark bar. Then the things are on your virtual pin board so you can feel all organized and smart and stuff.

I’ve been at it about a week. Here are my thoughts so far.

1.) Man, people are effing brilliant

One of those cheap hangers you bring back from the store? Break off the clippy part. Insta Chip Clip. I KNOW! Why didn't WE think of this?

I mean, I must have at least 10 of these hangers sitting around my house. I’ve tried reusing them to hang pants and things, but they just don’t mesh well with my other hangers. Yet I feel weird just throwing them away. You could also use these clips as clothes pins. Or binder clips. Or to pin your children’s mouths shut. (Just kidding on that last one…but admit it, for at least a half second you thought, “Now THAT is a good idea!” No?)

2.) But while I love the beauty of information sharing, I mourn the loss of individual creativity. 

Applesauce, juice box, half pretzel rod for each arm, raisin box feet, spoon antenna, eyes.

I have seen this pinned no less than 800 times (OK, maybe a little less than that). Those little guys are SO cute. I bet they’d be a hit at a birthday party as a take-home favor. But it kind of makes me think of the old, “If everybody is special, nobody is.” We can’t ALL make juice box robots, or everyone will have them. Ya know? And dammit. If I have a robot, I want him to be a snowflake! A special, special snowflake. I don’t pass up the pre-made Sponge Bob favor bags just so you can say, “Oh. I saw that on Pinterest.” I want you to revel in my awesomeness!

I think finding inspiration from ideas like this is great. Maybe you could make a different juice box sculpture. Or make a robot out of different items. And hey, nobody’s stopping you from making this exact thing. I just hope that Pinterest will inspire us to build on and improve ideas, not just steal them.

3.) I am woefully under-skilled

Oh hey, look, a cute ruffle pillow. The tutorial says it's SO easy. Yeah, unless you have no clue how to use a sewing machine. *sigh*

My family has lived in our house for a year now. We’ve not done much in the way of decorating or improving it. My husband did recently finish his home theater in the basement. We are now the proud owners of a 100 inch projection screen with some fancy 7 point something surround sound system (whatever that means). While I contemplate what this says about our priorities that it was the first room we redid, I am now inspired to make the rest of the house pretty.

Enter: Pinterest

If you are looking to redo your kitchen, decorate your bedroom, or update your window treatments, you will find a million ideas. I’ve pinned a bunch. Then I think, “There is no way I can accomplish this. I can’t sew/build/paint/draw/keep the kids out of my hair long enough.” What I really need is the ability to open my pin board so the original creator can crawl through my computer screen ala the creepy girl in The Ring. Then she can do the job for me and crawl back home. If Pinterest is soooo brilliant, surely the developers can make this happen, right? Let’s get on that. (Yeah…I could hire a decorator or buy something at a store, but where’s the fun in that?)

4.) Oh, but there are unskilled ideas too

No sew faux roman shades

Window treatments I can make using a hot glue gun? Really? Even I can do that. There is hope for my house after all.

5.) The recipes! Oh the recipes! (They are going to kill me)

These are called "Slutty Brownies"

Let me just spell that out for you: Layer of chocolate chip cookie, layer of Oreo cookies, layer of brownies. In other words, fat for: my thighs, my love handles, and my stomach.

There are healthy recipes too, but where’s the fun in pinning those?

6.) Cool ideas for the kids

Tape words to Lego blocks. Build sentences.

How cool is this? My son HATES anything that resembles “homework” (hey, he’s four, I think homework is a little much for a  kid his age anyway. *ahem* Off my soap box). But the fact remains  he does still need to learn stuff. He likes building blocks. I think he’d like this. To tone it down for his age, I’d probably put single letters on the blocks instead and then have  him spell words. After that we can upgrade to sentence making.

7.) But will I ever actually MAKE any of this stuff?

Laundry basket dresser

This remains to be seen. I’ve not been on Pinterest long enough to say for myself. I’d like to think so. I do need to organize, decorate, and redo the vast majority of my house. Some things more than others (like I could really use a more functional laundry space). But, I can see myself pinning things and then never getting around to them. Which kind of turns Pinterest into one big cheer-for-THAT-person fest. But that’s OK (see point #1).

Are you on Pinterest? What’s the most amazing/hilarious/calorie-ridden idea you’ve seen so far?

P.S. My husband emailed me to say, “It’s a 110 inch screen. 100 would be kind of small.” Men!

24 thoughts on “Pinterest Is Brilliant. I Think.

  1. I have enough time sucks in my life and have purposely avoided Pinterest. I also have problems doing things everyone else does which adds to my staying away from it. I know so lame of me. But ok those juice box things are cute. So’s the laundry hamper. The slutty brownies get a WTF from me.

    • That’s exactly how I felt and why I avoided it for a while. Now that I am getting into home decoration mode, it is nice to have a place to organize tutorials and ideas.

      Yeah, the brownies. Part of me thinks, “Wow. Those look awesome.” and another part, “Who THINKS of that and is it really necessary??”

  2. I haven’t really checked out Pinterest yet, but I hear everyone talking about it. Not that I need to find another place to find ideas of crafty things(when I have a list of about 100 things to knit, a scrapbook I haven’t even started for my 16 month old.)

    Had to laugh about your son and homework though because my daughter(also 4) loves to do her homework and gets upset when she doesn’t have any. Yes, I have a very strange child.

    • Haha! Difference between girls and boys? LOL!

      Yeah, he’s a stubborn little guy. I have to “trick” him into learning things. I think that’s fine for now…but I’m not so sure how that will work out as he gets older :).

      • yeah, I can all ready tell her brother will be nothing like her. Not sure if it’s a gender difference or just a personality difference. 🙂

  3. My interest didn’t pique all that much until the words “slutty brownies.” I have a friend who loves Pinterest, but I don’t know where I’d fit that into my life. I’m totally taking that chip clip idea, though! Thanks, Erin.

    • I know what you mean. There’s so much else to keep up with. But since I am in home improvement mode, it is coming in handy as a place to store ideas and tutorials. I just have to be mindful of the time (which, let’s be honest, I’m not so good at!).

  4. I have to admit that I really don’t get it. Whenever I go on Pinterest I get overwhelmed with the millions of chaotic pictures scattered all over the front page. Plus my husband once called it “Tumblr for girls” and that kind of poisoned me against it too. But my best friend LOVES Pinterest and has found and successfully executed so many great projects from it, so I know that it has its merits.

  5. Oh i LOVE PInterest. I have a small tie dye business that I run from home, and I feel so honored when some of my stuff is getting pinned and re-pinned. It’s such a cool feeling.

    For my day job, I got to interview the PInterest Team and research them. You are correct, the chief demographic is women. It’s the biggest social media outlet being used by more women than men. So rad!

  6. I was looking for decorating inspiration the other day; I’m still waiting on my pinterest invitation so I can’t do much other than browse the sight. It’s a fun idea, I can see how it’d be a time suck if you let it.

  7. I have avoided it. I have enough clipped, pasted, or copied recipes, crafts, and decorating ideas to qualify for Hoarders Anonymous. I wish I was kidding. That clip idea is awesome though 🙂

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