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Jeans Shopping. A Rant.

blue jeans

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Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

Just one more. UGH!

I just spent an afternoon putting myself through the misery of jeans shopping. Why? Why must it be so hard? (I give you permission to picture me with my hand on my head all Scarlet O’Hara-like). The agony!

It should be simpler. I should be able to go in a store, find a cute pair, try them on, and think, “OK, this is good. I’m going to get another pair in a lighter color and call it a day.” And I should be able to go to the rack, find the lighter color, and walk out. But, no! It’s NEVER that easy. Because for some silly reason, even if the jeans are the exact same brand and exact same size and exact same style, the other color will NOT fit the exact same way. I mean. SKL:fjioaerhgtionvioahiohfighuiw!! Really?!

So after you try on the pair that’s the same size as the other pair and they don’t fit, you think, “Hmm. OK. I’ll get the next size down. I mean, a size down, that’s not terrible, is it?” Except the next size down will be too small! Or, perhaps you needed the next size up. Opposite problem. They are ginormous.

So now if you really need two pair, you must find an entirely different kind, which starts the process all over again (because Heaven forbid your size in a new brand/style remain consistent). 18 pairs tried on later, and you have something that works. Probably.

I really think this is one of those situations where the controller of the cosmic universe is looking down 0n me and laughing. “Silly female human. We’d never let things be THAT easy, now would we?”

The ONLY thing worse, as a shopping experience, is trying to find a bathing suit. I have to wonder how many people out there actually have a perfectly proportionate body and find it easy to buy a two piece suit? If the bottoms fit? The top doesn’t. If the top fits, the bottoms don’t. And often you can’t buy them separately. So then you’re forced to choose: Do I want my um, melons, falling out so that my bum stays in? Or do I want loose bottoms and secure melons?


Thanks for letting me rant. Does anyone else have these issues?





22 thoughts on “Jeans Shopping. A Rant.

  1. I hate jeans shopping, particularly because I’m short but it’s impossible to find what I want in a petite size. A 10 regular is not the same as a 10 petite with shorter inseam. But a 12 is too big around the waist. In other words, I feel your pain, dear. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh don’t even get me started. I’m really tall and a little large around the waist, so it doesn’t really add up well when jeans shopping. I’m just happy to find a pair that fit comfortably at the end of the shopping spree (that usually has to last at least an hour for jeans alone). Bleh.

    All of this to say yes. Yes I totally feel your pain.

    • Yeah, I have a similar problem. Actually, I’m of average height, but I’m very apple shaped. So have no butt and am thicker in the middle than I am anywhere else. So if jeans fit in the waist, they’re usually very loose in the bum. If they fit the bum, they’re loose in the waist. So when I find a pair that fits my body shape, I want like 100 of them :). And it doesn’t work that way, ever! Hahaha! This is why God invented Margaritas, huh? (Which, admittedly, exacerbates the problem later on 🙂 ).

      • Yeah, I have more of a pear shape, apparently. So if it fits my butt it sort of swallows my legs, and if it fits my legs I’m practically indenting the jean’s design into my waist. It’s annoying. I tend to go to tea and sodas, which definitely do not help, either. Though strawberry daiquiris are definitely worth a little extra around the waist, haha.

  3. I wrote about a similar thing back in 2010 – http://showard76.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/women-and-clothes-shopping-the-hidden-secrets/

    generally being a short arse the biggest problem I have (in addition to those mentioned) is that no matter what the length of jeans is always wrong for me, they either trail on the floor under my shoes or just miss my ankles because those designed for shorties are actually aimed at people even shorter than me so ‘regular’ is too long and ‘short’ is too short – and no way am I paying a tailor to adjust them, it costs more than the jeans do!! (unfortunately my sewing skills are not really good enough to do it well enough myself either)

    • I have issues with jean length too! Regular is fine, so long as I don’t wear heels. If I want to wear anything taller than the flattest of flat shoes, I need longer jeans, but the long lengths are 1.) Harder to find and 2.) are often too long–unless I wear some major stilettos.

  4. My husband has often asked me why women don’t size like men — 34 waist, 36 length, and you know what you’re getting. Instead, we ladies have some weird sizing world where we’re all supposed to know what a size 4, a size 10, and a size 16 are — even when they vary across manufacturers and WITHIN manufacturers. You’ll get a double-ugh from me on this one, Erin. Best of luck!

    • I have wondered that too! Some brands do sell by measurement. When I worked at The Buckle in college, we sold jeans that way and it was nice (though, even then different styles wouldn’t necessarily fit even w/ the measurements–those pesky hips and thighs!). I think girls measurements aren’t quite so easy. Instead of waist and length, we need hip, thigh, waist and length. Complicated.

  5. I detest with an unhealthy passion ALL clothes shopping. UGH. I so feel your pain. Good luck Erin.

    Ref: the swim suit
    I know Wal-mart is *cough* controversial, but that is one store where I’ve always been able to be each piece separate.

  6. I was laughing out loud as I read this because you took the words right out of my mouth! I’m one of those people who pretty much lives in blue jeans, but shopping for them is absolute torture, trying on pair after pair that ought to be identical but somehow never are. Fantastic post 🙂

  7. Omgoodness I hate this problem! I think the problem is with women’s sizing in general. We have so many different ranges in sizing , and it gets confusing and overwhelming! However mens sizing is consistent regardless of brands. jealous!!

    I know this is completely random, but I just find it amazing.. Learned about it in class. and came across your blog read it and loved it and now I wanna share 🙂

    Theres this one site that gives you all the different sizes of brands in a chart that coincides with each other.. Lol I know ti sounds confusing, but its super cool and useful!

    check it out girl !


  8. Maaaan I get your frustration. Really. I remember the last time I bought two jeans in a row. And, I mean, I’m a guy, so it should be easier, or something, right? It’s not like we needed to be in a perfect fit, no biggy if it’s a bit loose here and there. But that time I literally couldn’t understand how a jeans brand can call itself that, a jeans brand. Same labelled size, and yet one fit just OK (a bit tight on the waist), and the second could have been one size up (again, on the waist). Thing is one size down made me look like I was wearing leggings… huh!

    Bathing suits. I definitely’d say you should look for separate pieces. They’re not that uncommon. Or find a person with whom to exchange the part that doesn’t fit you!

    • A bathing suit swap partner? Good idea :). They definitely sell separate pieces, alas, I always manage to fall in love with the suit that isn’t sold that way (I just need to get over that, huh?).

      Sorry to hear that men have this issue too! Bummer! While I would have been insanely jealous if it was easy to jean shop for you, I would have at least been glad that 50% of the population doesn’t have to experience this 🙂

      • Mmm I totally get it, it is always the one you want that you can’t have. But yeah, a partner of some sort, seriously, could be of great help! Or selling the part you don’t want on eBay or something.

        I’d say men definitely come across this kind of issue less often, but hey,it happens too! As you said, very few people have “perfect” bodies. Men included.

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