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Dear Month of March 2012:


Photo by Aunt Owwee on Flickr

Dear Month of March 2012:

You have me perplexed.

Normally this time of year I’m cursing snow and another day of freezing temperatures and wind. Usually I’m begging for it to just be spring already! But not this time, oh Month of March 2012. You’ve been pleasantly July-like all week.

And while I’ve enjoyed the fact my kids have been playing outside so much. And I’ve loved the early peek at flowering trees and budding tulips. I’m worried.

For one, this can only mean the glaciers are melting and New York City will soon disappear into the rising sea levels and the citizens will have to run to the highest floor of the public library and will have to burn books to stay warm (except for that Bible which symbolizes industrialization). Just like in that movie.

But, more importantly, I’m faced with a wardrobe crisis.

You see, I really love that time between winter and summer. It’s called spring and is a very elusive period in our changing seasons. It’s not cold, but it’s not warm either, and you can go outside in jeans and a long sleeve shirt and be comfortable. Fall is another period where this happens, but then I like to toss things like denim jackets into the mix. This season I have all these fun scarves and colorful ballet flats and I can’t wear any of them! It’s too hot for a scarf. And ballet flats plus sweaty feet don’t mix so well.

Darn it! You’ve gone straight to flip flop weather on me. Don’t get me wrong. I love my flip flops. But…it’s too soon. My feet aren’t ready for that kind of exposure yet. They need to ease into these things after a winter of thick socks. I mean, what kind of feet do you think they are? Ready to be stripped practically naked already? No way, Jose!

So, if we could slow things down a bit, that would be great. Nothing drastic. I’m hoping we’re done with snow (and so are my flowers). But dial it back ten or fifteen degrees. That’s all I need. Until we get to May and then it’s no holds barred, m’kay?

I knew you’d understand.




2 thoughts on “Dear Month of March 2012:

  1. Hello Erin, I really loved your letter to the month of March, its so wonderfully and lucidly written and so very heart warming! Keep writing such wonderful posts.

  2. Living in Texas, 10 months of the year are flip-flop weather. The other two months, we shiver in our jackets, scarves, and gloves. I am actually planning a beach outing very soon. Would love for you to come! It’s almost swimsuit weather here. 😉

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