Random Musings

Oh hi, blog…

fresh flowers in a vase

For you, darlings.

Oh. Hi.


I know I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve just been, you know, busy.

*bites lip*

OK, you’re right. That’s an excuse if I’ve ever heard one, too. As if everyone isn’t “busy”. I mean, sometimes I was. You know about my three kids, right? Yeah? OK. But there were also all those nights I spent watching DVR’d episodes of Bunheads. 


Oh, I know! It’s a fantastic show. Really. The dialog gets me every time. And…anyway, I wasn’t really busy then, I suppose. I could probably have written a post or two. If about nothing else, then about how fantastic Bunheads is and how in another life I’d like to be a Vegas showgirl. Just to wear the feather hats. Not so much for the other…things.

But here I am.

*passes you a bouquet of fresh flowers*

Anyway, I won’t dump too much on you just yet. But I did want to say hi. And sorry for abandoning you. And let’s catch up. And can you believe summer is over? And I’m looking forward to chatting soon.

6 thoughts on “Oh hi, blog…

  1. Nice to see you around the old blogosphere again. Can’t believe the beginning of school is just around the corner. Wow.

      • We would usually be starting then, as well, but our district is completing construction of a new intermediate school and we’ve been pushed back to Tuesday after Labor Day. My boys will attend the new school, and they’re really excited (and a little nervous). Good luck on your kiddos’ first week back!

  2. I missed you here! I have absolutely no idea what Bunheads is. You’ll have to enlighten me. I have personally spent way too much time this summer, however, catching up on Bones episodes.

    • Thanks, Julie! Bunheads is a lovely new TV show on ABC Family about teenage dancers in a small town ballet studio and their quirky, former-showgirl dance instructor. I believe it’s the same writer who did Gilmore Girls (if you ever watched that show–another good one). The writing is excellent and the humor is exactly my style :). I haven’t ever seen Bones, actually, but I hear it’s great! Is it on Netflix?

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