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Conflicting Moments of Pride

Parenthood is full of milestones. You can’t help but swell with pride for all of your child’s firsts–first bite of solid food (or not-so-solid, despite the terminology), first crawl, first steps, first words, first day of school, and everything before, between, and after. But there are some moments which shouldn’t be prideful, yet show a … Continue reading


Keeping Secrets

This past Saturday was my husband’s birthday. He turned the big 3-5, which felt momentous to us for some reason. Maybe because those 0 and 5 ages always feel that way. Anyhow, it struck me this weekend that birthdays aren’t what they used to be for my husband and me. They used to mean a … Continue reading


Losing. My. Mind.

I never wanted to be one of those parents who had to buy three of everything so that each of my children would have all the same stuff. “They need to learn to share!” I figured. “Realizing life isn’t the same for everyone will be character building!” I thought. Of course, that was before my … Continue reading