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Kids and Technology

Ahh, wow. It’s been a week, or pretty darn close to it, since I’ve posted last. Sorry, dudes. I’ve got loads of excuses, but they pretty much amount to this: Life’s busy, man. So! *rubs hands together* It’s Monday. Time for a kid story! Hey, did you know? In the alternate universe where I actually … Continue reading

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The Very Cheap Family and the Couch of Disappointment: A Not-So Fairy Tale

The Couch. I’ve spoken of it here loosely. I’ve talked about it on Facebook lightly. But until now, I’ve not regaled you with the full tale. It’s one of hope. Of expectations. Of let-down. Disappointment. Defeat. Humiliation. And of giving up. Ultimately, it’s not a happy tale. Let us begin, as all fairy tales do: … Continue reading